Double-Tap Addiction: One of the Secrets to Instagram’s Success


It comes down to a matter of psychology. It’s human nature to enjoy receiving a response from our actions. As simple as that may sound, it’s a subtle but important part of the reason why Instagram is so wildly popular and growing every day. We love the “double tap”.

When scrolling through pictures on our smartphone on Instagram, there’s a “like” button and a “comment” button just as there is with nearly every other social media application. Few people click on them. Sure, there’s the occasional comment when a particular image strikes us, but for the most part users do the easier and more rewarding double tap on the image. Our reward? A flash of a heart. That’s it.

Before naysayers hop in the comments and say that it’s not a big deal, it is. This is a fact. I have no scientific data to back it up nor do is there any way to prove or disprove it, but instinct tells me that we unconsciously love the action and the heart reward so much that we like more pictures than we would if it was only the simple button. The percentage of likes to views of an image, any image, is much higher on Instagram that Facebook, Flickr, or any of the direct Instagram competitors. It’s not because the pictures are that much more interesting. It’s not that the filters are so amazing or the people are so creative.

We love double tapping. It’s that simple.

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