Don’t be Afraid of Posting Unpopular Views on Social Media


I am a conservative Christian. On social media, I would have a better chance of being accepted in certain circles if I were a convicted felon.

That doesn’t stop me from posting and it shouldn’t stop you, either.

Sometimes, it’s challenging taking an unpopular position, particularly when your livelihood depends on things like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Mine does. Despite the recent trend towards anti-religious sentiment being the most popular on social media sites, one should not be willing to trade their beliefs for neutrality.

Your friends are your friends regardless of their beliefs. Yes, politics and religion can get in the way. It can alienate you. It can make some of your closest social media cohorts turn away from you. That should never be a reason to stop voicing your opinions. Popularity is a peculiar thing. It can help you to get visitors to your site. It can help you to make friends that you never would have made otherwise.

It can also make you be “careful” with what you say and what you post.

Stand strong. No matter how the world turns away from the thinking that has brought you to the point that you’re at now, you shouldn’t be afraid to be a beacon. There are those who will listen. There are also those who will turn away from you. If religion is enough to alienate you, it’s better to find your real friends rather than keep the ones who aren’t really of the same mind as you.

Post your religious and political hearts out. It’s your beliefs and your actions that define you. It’s definitely not one or the other.

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  1. JD, give me a break. Taking a stance as something that about 85% of Americans agree with isn’t taking an unpopular stance. Want to try something that requires you to work hard at standing your ground? Trying being an atheist like me. Statistically we’re the most hated group in America despite being the least likely to commit crimes, get divorced, or be part of almost any other tracked social ill.

    So yes, you’re right to say people should stand by their views even when unpopular, but since you’re on the majority side you really aren’t facing the heat you think you are.

  2. Agree. 33% of people like you, 33% of people don’t like you and another 33% of people never care about you. For me, I don’t care 33% of people don’t like me, I convert 33% of people that don’t care about me to like me. 🙂

  3. novenator

    Agree with Andrew Riggio here. I’m pretty sick of the “poor christian conservatives” playing the victim card, when they are in fact the ones that are openly trying to oppress others in American society. From trying to kill gay rights, to instigating ethnicism against Latino’s (regardless of their documentation status), to perpetuating the drug war that imprisons more per capita than ANY other nation in the world, etc. etc. etc., my thumb and index finger are playing a sad song on the world’s tiniest violin for them.

  4. I agree with Andrew as well. However, I don’t think that we should mix social media with religion – do you sincerely think that God would want us to share our believes in our statuses on Facebook? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an atheist, but what has social media to do with religion. A man’s religion is his private thing – don’t force anyone to shout to the whole world that they are part of such and such group. We are all people and no religion can change that.

    “Since the beginning of recorded history, which is defined by the invention of writing by the Sumerians around 6000 years ago, historians have cataloged over 3700 supernatural beings, of which 2870 can be considered deities.” As an atheist, I don’t believe in all of those 2870 Gods. However, for example, Christians don’t believe in 2869 of them. That means that we are all almost as atheistic as an atheist.

    I don’t mean to tell you that atheism is right. Nonetheless, nor do I want to tell you that any of the religions are right. One can choose his own path – we have free will – and none should protest against that decision.

  5. Thomas A. Kelly

    As for JD “welcoming the heat”, I think that may be his point in his article. I admire any man who is willing to speak his mind, my agreeing or disagreeing with their point of view on any topic has less to do with my degree of admiration..Fair and honest presentation of a persons views, minus personal insults wins my attention and loyalty…Mike, while you did not shout, you did in fact use this social forum to make known your position on religion un-private….for whatever reason you decided to make your position known – publicly….No where in JD’s article did I detect his promoting Christianity or his conservative views….He made mention of what they are, no different than you making mention of what yours are.
    Thomas A. Kelly

  6. Thomas A. Kelly

    How can a man learn, change and grow without hearing and understanding others points of view? If not here…where? If we only read articles and opinions authored of like minds then we are doomed I fear. I want to hear it all. I can not understand, reason, grow with a point of view if I have not heard it. I am not the same man I was when I was twenty years old. Fill my head with your respectful thoughts and opinions on any subject you choose….I will be better for it. I will cease to grow when I die, not before.
    Thomas A. Kelly

  7. John Kelly

    Could you please give me the stats in regards to atheists and the rate of crime, etc.? I like to think of atheists as being objective people. But, to make a claim like that is pretty bold yet ought to be backed up with something.
    I would have to say the same thing to novenator. You could make a case about Christians (conservative Christians) and their fight against gay rights. But, everything else is a flight of fancy on your part. This is not a “Conspiracy” as you suggest. To say conservative Christians are the ones perpetuating the world’s drug war is hilariously stupid.

  8. You’ve all started attacking JD for the fact that, supposedly, his views aren’t that controversial at all (i.e about 85% of Americans agree with him….), and that therefore he’s not actually taking a stance by speaking out.

    Yet you’re all doing precisely what you claim isn’t happening. I’d say that the comments on this post prove that, in JD’s social sphere at the very least, there’s not 85% of people agreeing with him. So surely he is taking a stance.

  9. John Kelley – look up the report by George Barna, a Christian anthropologist type, who did studies on this. He wanted to prove that Christians were better people than atheists, but his data showed the exact opposite. Originally he published the findings honestly, which was to his credit, but a few years later he went back to the well and massaged the data to give Christians a better showing.

    You can also find data about this at the Bureau of Prisons web site, the PEW Research Institute, and other places online.

    Amy Fowler
    Incorrect: What we’re doing isn’t proving JD right. What we’re doing is akin to listening to a rich white guy gripe that the deck is stacked against him and then pointing out that he’s wrong because he’s in the position of strength.

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  14. Don Pierre

    I have just been blocked from Facebook because I post unpopular, Biblical posts. Sometimes I get good reactions. Some are not so good. I’m fairly old and have been through a lot coming back to Christ so it doesn’t really bother me. Does anyone know of another online place to post to? This would be appreciated. I use it as an outreach tool.

  15. Don Pierre

    It would be appreciated if someone would contact me. I do outreach and the internet is one of the tools that I use.