Donald Trump’s Supporters are Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

Ann Coulter

Despite the charged stance of the headline, this article really isn’t a personal attack against those who support Donald Trump. It’s a statement based upon the the facts surrounding Donald Trump, his “policy” recommendations, and the path through which many Trump supporters made their decision to back him for President.

It’s important to note that I like Donald Trump. I believe that he truly wants to be President and that he’s latched onto concepts that many Republicans (including me) believe need to be addressed with strength and without the standard falsehoods that ooze out of the majority of politicians’ mouths. After carefully watching and weighing his words, his actions, his history, and most importantly his personality, it’s my solid belief that Trump is incapable of delivering on most of his promises. Perhaps more importantly, his demeanor is only appealing to a very select group of Americans and I am 100% certain that he is incapable of winning in the general election even against a weak candidate like Hillary Clinton. That’s another story. For now, let’s look at Trump’s supporters.

If you take offense before reading on, that’s completely up to you. If you read this through and continue to be offended, then there’s likely nothing that can wake you up from Trump’s magic spell. It’s understandable; he has taken the most passionate topics for many Americans and framed them within a sales pitch that is purely designed to register on a emotional level. It’s arguably the best sales pitch any Presidential candidate has ever made which is why despite his history, his actions, and his words, he still leads the pack. It’s not surprising, but it also elicits remorse from those who have heard the sales pitch with discerning ears and seen it for what it is.

Deaf Trump Supporters

The type of deafness we’re diagnosis is willful. It’s not from an inability to hear and understand. It’s an unwillingness to look into any details behind Trump’s history, methodology, and policy stances.

They don’t want to hear the truth so they cover their ears and chant Trumpisms loudly like infants.

An example of the deafness of Trump’s supporters can be found in a closer look at his economic policy. His tax plan is, of course, quite liberal, but that’s fine. Compared to what we have it’s practically right wing. It’s a populist perspective but at least it cuts taxes for most. In fact, despite being more moderate than even Jeb Bush’s or Marco Rubio’s tax plan, it still somehow yields less revenue than some of the deeper but more practical tax cuts.

That’s the best part of his economic plan. From there, it gets weird. He plans on building a wall. That’s great. It’s what we want. However, it’s going to cost a lot of money and no, there’s no way he’s going to get Mexico to pay for it. Remember, we have very little leverage over Mexico. We owe them money, not the other way around. He also plans on dramatically improving the US infrastructure. This should, of course, be a state issue, but he plans on getting in there and improving grids, roads, and bridges. Doing so will require hundreds of billions of dollars. Then, he wants to improve the military by making it bigger and more advanced. While he hasn’t given details about exactly what that means (not that we expect details about the military from someone who was unaware of what the nuclear triad was on two separate occasions), and given the Neoconesque way that he frames it, we can assume this will cost hundreds of billions more than we already spend, possibly trillions over a Presidential term.

The takeaway here is that everything he has offered as economic policy means dramatically increasing government spending. Most Trump supporters are willfully deaf to this. Those who are not will recite his claim that he’ll cut frivolous spending. He says he’ll find the places where money is being wasted and that will help to pay for all of this. What he’s doing here is hoping, rightly, that his supporters won’t understand scale. He points at government programs that are completely unnecessary and that are costing taxpayers tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was unable to pull the exact reference, but a few months ago he noted a program that was ludicrous and costing taxpayers $120,000 per year. To the average Trump supporter, this sounds like a lot of money. They can do the non-calculations in their head and determine that it makes sense. At scale, it’s a juvenile thought. To partially pay for his wall, his improved infrastructure, and his increased military, he would need to cut over 10 million programs that were costing taxpayers $120,000 per year. In other words, he would need to cut around 7,000 such programs per day, every day, for an entire 4-year term.

Of course, there aren’t enough programs to cut, but to a Trump supporter scale doesn’t matter. This also doesn’t take into account the programs that would need to be cut based upon the lost revenue in his tax plan. Lastly, it doesn’t take into account the nonsense he spews when talking about existing and future trade agreements. He wrote the Art of the Deal so therefore he’s qualified to negotiate trade agreements, right? That’s the thinking of a Trump supporter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. He’s not going to take office and suddenly bring jobs back. He’s not going to be able to force other countries to reverse the trade deficit and start importing overpriced American goods. He’s not going to be able to force companies to stop going overseas by making it impractical in the short term. It should be done, of course, but it will take years to correct the current trade agreement debacles. By the time we see Trump’s promise of making America rich again actually take effect, he’d have been out of office long before.

Probably the most credible aspect of Trump is that he’s rich. His supporters look up to him because he’s a billionaire. What they seem to ignore is that he was born rich, he was given a real estate empire, he took out a “small loan” from his father and future loans from his family, and he was able to build himself up to somewhere between Forbes’ estimate of $4 billion and his own estimate of $10 billion. Even if we use his number, it’s important to note that he didn’t make brilliant moves to get to where he is. In fact, if he’d simply taken his money and invested it index funds, he’d be worth around $20 billion today. His brilliance in finance only cost him $10 billion over the years.

Dumb Trump Supporters

Anyone ready to be offended that I’m attacking their intelligence can rest assured that I’m referring to the original meaning of the word. By “dumb,” I mean having an inability to communicate. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that Trump’s supporters aren’t loud or boisterous. I’m simply saying that they don’t really say much of substance.

Look at your Facebook feed. Read the comments on articles or videos. As uninformed as most commenters are on a slew of topics, it’s clear that those who support Trump are even less articulate than most. You see a lot of Trump support in the form of “TRUMP2016!!!” or “Make ‘Merica Great Again” but you don’t see valid arguments being made about how Trump’s skills, knowledge, or core values are preferable for solving America’s problems.

The funny part is that many can’t even articulate why they support him. They say they believe in him. They say he’s the only guy who can do it. They say he’s King Kong or any of a number of macho symbols that are intended to make him seem superior. However, they can’t actually tell you why he’s better.

They say that he can’t be bought. That’s a joke, of course. Just because someone is rich doesn’t mean that can’t be bought. Do you think that Barack Obama takes bribes from Wall Street? Do you believe that campaign contributions to other candidates means that they give their cell phone numbers over to hedge fund managers who tell them what they want done about the Iran Deal?

I’m not going to hold it against Trump supporters for being dumb. Most supporters for most candidates are dumb in that way (speech, not intelligence). However, it seems like there is a much smaller percentage of Trump supporters who can even describe what eminent domain is, let alone defend why Trump is such a prolific user and adamant supporter of the concept.

Blind Trump Supporters

For all of the traits of Trump supporters that I dislike, their blindness makes me most concerned. If you don’t want to hear his proposals and break them down for what they actually mean, that’s fine. Most don’t. If you don’t want to post more than a couple of words or memes about him when trolling Facebook, that’s fine as well. However, if you intentionally cover your eyes and disregard the truth about Trump the man – past, present, and future – then I have no patience for you.

Trump, who often uses the phrase “believe me” when doing his pitch, has been able to convince Trump supporters that he’s qualified to make decisions for the United States of America and the free world. He was able to do the same thing to those in the airline, vodka, board game, mortgage, and football industries and in all of those cases his decision-making yielded absolute failures. He didn’t get unlucky (though Trump Mortgage did have bad timing). He made terrible decisions that destroyed his interests in these industries. Trump Air bombed in less than three years. The USFL was flourishing before he stepped in and took them down the path to oblivion in less than a year. For Trump Mortgage, he hired someone who lied on his resume and had literally six days of experience to be the CEO. His history demonstrates one thing very clearly:

Donald Trump makes horrendous decisions.

He’s made some good ones. He’s great with real estate. He’s an excellent entertainer. He’s arguably the most talented salesman in the public eye. He’s brilliant. Unfortunately, he’s also been known to get into things that he has no understand of before failing miserably at those endeavors.

If he failed when he decided to get into the worlds of airlines, vodka, board games, mortgages, and football, what confidence can we have that he’ll be better off getting into the world of Presidential politics?

His supporters are blind to these facts. Their blind to the fact that he has always voted Democrat and gave huge campaign contributions to the Clintons and other liberals. They say that he’s changed from being pro-choice, pro-gun-control, and pro-big-business. They are unwilling to see that he represents the same type of big government policies that have plagued this country since Ronald Reagan left office.

There’s no need to invoke reason, facts, or common sense. Most of Trump’s supporters are either unable or unwilling to see him for what he is. I don’t blame them now, but if Hillary Clinton is elected President, the blame will rest squarely on their shoulders.

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  1. CMc

    I was offended by the title and subtitles of this ‘Christian’ article. My son is profoundly Deaf and cannot speak but that doesn’t make him ‘dumb’ – in fact he is above average intelligence. It may sound funny to you as a hearing person to read this commonly known phrase, but I can tell you in public it is not funny to parents who know what is behind it. Especially from Christians, who of all people would have by now had an opportunity to communicate with a Deaf person. My son reads a lot and my heart breaks that he would see this title, and then see it is associated with Trump who everyone is calling a clown, you essentially told my son he is stupid and a clown, just from the title of this article. I couldn’t even go on to read your article because the title and subtitles were appalling. And this is not asking you to be politically correct, just be considerate. I have a hard time convincing my son that even though the bible is full of stories of Deaf people that are possessed by evil spirits and the like, that Jesus does love him – please don’t make it harder for Deaf people to believe. Shame on you!

  2. H

    I agree with everything that has been said here. But unfortunately, this piece is loaded with gramatical errors that undermine the compitence of the writer and editor (what? You’re an editor!?) JD.

    Please make corrections so I can share this and have it be taken seriously.

  3. Rita

    First of all will let it be know I haven’t decided who I am voting for. But you need to be completely truthful. Yes he did donate to the democratic party back I think it’s been some years back. He also gave to the republican committee but nearly as much. But he changed parties as a lot of people have since then. Me included. You have to understand that the democrats have changed views too. They stood for the constitution. They had morals. They listened to the house and compromised. Sure they didn’t always agree but they weren’t as dishonest about what they did. They didn’t think of only what they got from under the table deals. They didn’t stand against the Christian beliefs. They began making deals for companies to go over seas they wanted to be friends with corrupt countries. And Clinton, however, sowed the seeds of the Great Recession by helping to inflate the housing bubble. Now look at the President now and the shape of the United States. The democrats have turned their back on it and us. And so I and many others have done the same to them.

  4. JD Rucker

    Thanks, H. It reverted back to the original draft. Corrections made.

  5. Bob

    What did he live on while his hypothetical mutual fund was untouched and growing to 20 billion? By the way, I plugged in his 1 million loan and let it go for 50 years at 10% annually, and it only compounds to 117 million, not 20 billion. So that part of this story is off by about 19.9 billion. And this assumes he let it sit untouched and untaxed, and worked a regular job for 50 years. We Trump supporters aren’t as stupid as you think. It took 30 seconds on a compound interest calculator.

    On his business idea failures, how many have you started. Many ideas fail. I had about 15 before one hit, and hit very well. Read up on the failures of successful people. They all had many, many failed ideas.

  6. Shawn Daniel

    I know I am not a very good writer so please excuse the mistakes in grammar, punctuation and other writing mistakes. I am not a professional writer. As far as the wall, it would cost to much for the government to build but Trump will get the private sector to build it, he might even get illegals that work cheap to do it from the Mexico side, cheaper. The wall would open up jobs for tax paying Americans instead of illegals not paying taxes and sending their money home to Mexico. The wall would also help prevent trillions of dollars a year going to Mexico in the form of drug profits. The lower amount of drugs in the country would allow more money to be spent and cycled through our own economy, being taxed and all that. As far as infrastructure, same thing except for illegals, he will not be obligated to hire certain high dollar companies who gave to his campaign. As far as military, same thing, he would likely take more bids and not be obligated to deal with certain high dollar companies that contributed to his campaign. As far as finding and stopping frivolous spending, that is one of the things successful business people do best. I would say the $120,000 a year is one of the small ones but don’t forget, it is not going to cost Trump as much as you think to do the things he wants to get done. All these things together is what makes the machine run. It wont happen overnight. He already got Ford to put manufacturing in Tennessee just by talking. Nabisco is probably looking for property in the US also. He does not necessarily have to force companies to move back into the US, all he has to do is encouraged them to come back and new companies to form in the US and help and encourage them to be successful with things like, lower taxes and less regulation on manufacturers. I am currently working on a project to manufacture here in the US myself. His family was wealthy but not nearly as rich as Trump has become. Just like Duck Dynasty. The dad was rich but the son made them super rich. Anyone could be super rich if they knew what to invest in 20 years ago but they don’t. If he had invested all his money into Microsoft he would be even richer but no one really knew Microsoft would survive. As far as mistakes, it looks like he has learned a lot. Bad decisions are made and hopefully learned from. You mentioned Trump is really good at real estate, building infrastructure falls into that category and so does a wall. If you have a better plan for America then get you some corporate sponsors and start walking the walk instead of just trying to discredit a successful person. How would you fix America?

  7. Dana R.

    I am not a Trump supporter, but I think that you have done a limited analysis. I know Trump supporters who are not as you describe. They at least are fully aware of things like his history and his claims, yet they still believe that he is exactly what this country needs right now–a crazy bold warrior to slice through the Gordian knot created by the libs in the last half century. Government cuts will not be just a few frivolous programs (of which there are so many that cutting most of them WILL impact the resources), but also cutting the welfare and food stamp roles which will have a major impact. As I said, I am not for Trump, but those who are, are not all blind, deaf, and dumb.

  8. SparkyVA

    Dear Clueless in Soshable,
    If you think introverts can win elections, you must be betting on Jeb Bush. If you are voting for someone you like, then pick a beautiful or handsome movie star. If you want someone to run the Executive branch of our government, you might want to consider an accomplished executive. Even better would be an executive with a clear idea of what our problems are and with enough creative talent to convince Congress and the People to go along with his solutions. The Righteous Cruz has fought the good fight with Congress, but fighting is not the solution. Rubio has shown he will go with the flow and do the bidding of his backers and the establishment. Carson has shown he is out of his depth on foreign and domestic policy. So we can elect a crazy communist in Bernie, or we can swing American back in the right direction with Trump. The cowcrap on Trump is for low info voters. Try reading his writing for the last 6 years to get a picture of how he thinks about politics. You will be amazed.

  9. Margaret

    I think this article is fake! You are trying to make it look like Ann Coulter wrote this!!

  10. Tea Party

    Been saying this since June. Trump and Cruz — two worst con men, seem to have the knack for using certain issues as a wedge. Trump recently bragged how he would play the media to keep all eyes on him. And he did. And Hillary will be the next POTUS if either of these two gets nominated!

  11. Jeff

    I’d have chose another pic. The article didn’t even mention Coulter.

  12. William

    They’re not their.

  13. Melissa harris

    Screw you for your title. You should be educated on the fact that Deaf, Dumb, and Blind do not go together in any form. Your an ass!