Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the Constitution

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the Constitution

The United States Constitution is more than just a document. It’s not an outdated list of rules that modern people are supposed to fix. In fact, many of the problems that we have today are based upon attempts to change or circumvent the Constitution in order to modernize our ideology and identity as a nation. Ted Cruz has known about this challenge his whole life and has fought for it most of his adult life. Donald Trump was born with a lot of money and spent nearly seven decades making more of it.

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  1. N0T2L8

    It is a sure bet that NOBODY running knows more about the Constitution than Cruz.

  2. Linda

    Cruz may know the constitution, but that’s all Cruz has. He is a flip-flopping lying cheat. As far as his Christian values, those came through loud and clear in iowa

  3. Dave

    And yet Ted was born in Canada and his father is a Cuban born citizen. Now either Ted Cruz knows he’s not eligible for President or he is putting on a facade and is clueless that he does not really know it. Ted Cruz is not a naturalized citizen.

  4. Neeraj Sharma

    I am sure none of the big achievers in US, from Larry Page, Steve Jobs and others read the constitution. You don’t need to read it to lead a good life and do the right thing.

    Sure you must read it when getting into politics. Guess Cruz was a career politician at 13 and Trump is one of those who will change the constitution to fit better to the country. Constitution is for people, people are not for the constitution

  5. Patrick Wahl

    I agree with the message — Ted Cruz reveres the Constitution and Donald Trump doesn’t. However, I cannot find the Trump quote anywhere on the Internet. Where does this quote come from?

  6. John L. Battey

    Dr. Ben Carson was an unwavering prolife christian constitutionalist conservative student at Yale University while Ted Cruz was in first grde learning to read.

  7. Chris Taylor

    The GOP, Media & debate moderators are doing everything they can to make sure Dr. Carson cannot share his ideas on the issues with the people. THIS HAS TO STOP! The people have a right to hear from ALL the candidates
    Dr. Ben Carson- common sense calm discussion over issues and the one giving detailed answers on the issues – flat tax – no IRS – Close border & take away ALL goodies for illegals & fines for companies who hire them – they will probably leave voluntarily.
    Flat Tax: His was determined to be the best one after all of the others were compared by the experts & Social Security no longer taxed.
    Refugees: NO Syrian refugee’s here –We can put them up in their own area and have the capability to protect them over there where they would prefer to be – with their own families & people.
    Health: HSA savings accounts owned by you that will be funded $2000 every year for every citizen for life – Eliminates Obamacare, which costs much more than Carson’s proposed. Puts your care between you and your doctor! Allow private insurance (catastrophic etc.) to be purchased across state lines causing prices to be greatly reduced by competition.
    Second Amendment: The 2nd – “will not be infringed” –
    ISIS: Dr. Carson has a plan working with our military hat will actually stop ISIS – right now their hands are tied. Take away the oil & $$ & they will not be able to continue. Our military knows how to do this!
    Cut Government Size: Most important of all every department will be required to reduce staffing 2-3% immediately – plus duplicate departments merged. This downsizing is sorely needed and will eliminate much of the corruption in DC – not to mention the cost savings to the US taxpayers. Like every great leader he will surround himself with the best minds in all fields working with both sides to unite us as a people – ending the divisiveness that currently exists.
    State Control: He will take control out of the Federal Government that actually belongs to the states and return it to the states.
    Voting for decades for politicians has only gotten us the same answer every time. More corruption with control for them! Make a decision: There are MILLIONS of us supporting Carson!!

  8. Linda Maples

    To who it may concern,I watch all of the debates,I watched the one where they caught Ted Cruz in 3 lies,and had it on the screen and he could not get out of them,and as for Donald Trump I would not vote for him either,he put himself above my lord and savior,curses and talks about all of his women he has slept with,Now what message does that send our young people.Snd Who I vote for is my own business!

  9. Mike

    The quote from Trump is a lie. Stop POSTING FRIGGIN LIES ONLINE!!! Dumb people believe this crap!!

  10. Victor L.

    @Patrick Wahl – It was a while ago on Oprah if I recall. He said something about not having read the whole Constitution because it didn’t have value in his business but he’d read it if he ever got into politics. It’s sort of out of context but the sentiment is correct and his actions show that he hasn’t done much studying since then.

  11. Grant Blair

    The last time I read the constitution, it said that only Congress had the power to declare war. If Cruz (and Rubio) consider Isis a threat, why aren’t they either leading or supporting an effort to declare war on ISIS? They have the constitutional right now, but will not have that right if elected president. Then, they will be guilty of the same thing they attack Obama on….exceeding executive authority.

  12. s. Hancock

    Cruz is not a flip-flopping, lying cheat. Go to his website. He has stood on those principles for a very long time. He was the only one who was blamed for Iowa, but Rubio’s team had that breaking news from CNN BEFORE CNN announced it. Trump had the info too, and probably ALL the teams, but since Cruz was the front-runner he caught all the blame. Cruz did not see the CNN tweet, but a staffer did. It was Armstrong Williams fault, Carson’s own friend, who has been more like a noose around his neck. I liked Carson, too. A lot of our friends do. But his team has been bleeding the best workers because of Armstrong Williams who has made a lot of missteps, yet Carson keeps him on. He is not learning that his actions have consequences, and a lot have been disastrous.

    Cruz apologized as soon as he found out, but Carson, although he said he accepted it, didn’t act like it. He wants revenge. Trump, of course was pushing that, too, because it made him look good. Don’t forget that in August, when Carson was rising in the Iowa polls, Trump was trash-talking him, his religion, all kinds of things. Cruz has NEVER hit below the belt, and to my knowledge has never taken Carson on. To this day, Carson keeps up the mantra that Cruz did him wrong. Rubio, Carson and Trump’s teams were all telling voters not to vote for Cruz because he was not natural-born. Cruz could’ve made a big deal about that, but he refused to join the chorus of complainers. He just brushed it off…or at least his voters did.

    With all the garbage thrown at Cruz he refuses to jump into the mud with them. That tells me a lot about his character and I’ve been keeping an eye on him for years. There are all kinds of accusations against him, and lest you have forgotten, the so-called fact-finders that play during the debates are left-wing groups, not conservative…or even truthful. They have been corrected MANY times. A couple years ago, Obama took over the google search engine for finding “facts”…and if you don’t realize what the difference is, just look up some things that you know from the Bible. Now you see some things that are outright lies and/or views of so-called theologians, but theologians who are not Christian. Now you have to read through a lot of garbage to find the truth, unless you know a site to go to that is reliable.

    And Snopes is leftist, on’t even deny outright lies we ALL know about Obama.

    Cruz is accused of voting for TPP, but he did not vote for that. He voted for cloture, to bring discussion to an end b/c he had a promise from McConnell that it would not come up for a vote. McConnell lied. Rubio was the 60th vote needed for passage and he did vote for it.

    Cruz was for increasing the the H1-B visas until he heard from a lot of people that were losing their jobs and having to train their replacements. He had sat in a committee that was told they were 100s of thousands of people short, which he at first believed. After he found out the truth, he has changed his position. That is not flip-flopping like so many of the rest of them, who say one thing to one group and another to a different group. It’s one thing to change your mind after you get more information, and quite another to do like Rubio…tell English-speaking groups that you have changed your mind about amnesty because of the Islam thing, but he still tells Latino Spanish-speaking groups that amnesty is on its way and he will make sure it gets through. That’s really more than flip-flopping…that’s outright lying, just as Phyllis Schafly says.

    I believe Cruz. When he sees that he is wrong, he corrects. But his Christian demeanor is much-needed today as a leader. Trump is another story. The fact that he’d goad a supporter to say something disgusting out loud instead of just saying, “Okay, I get your point, but I’m not going there.” But then to repeat it and say it wasn’t really him saying it. He loved that! He enjoyed that moment. Cruz would not have let the woman repeat it, would’ve backed away so it would not be heard in the mic.

    Cruz’s mother was US born, in Connecticut. That is all that is needed to qualify him for citizenship, which has already been certified by several states. Remember that Obama’s mother was not even of age to confer citizenship, as she was a minor, and his father a British citizen, and yet he was said to be in compliance, even though he entered university as a foreign student, saying he was born in Kenya.

    As for Trump, he is for Trump. PERIOD. If you look back at a lot of stuff over the years, he has only recently become pro-life…and that was since September 2015 when he was still for funding PP, after the videos showing the baby parts sales that were/are illegal. He was against Kim Davis, and said she should’ve gone to jail because she broke the law. He has never, to my knowledge, said what he’d do in regards to attempting to get laws passed to overturn abortion “rights”, etc. He likes his sister, a radical leftist, for the SC, so that should tell us a lot about his SC choices. Even ONE bad apple would be the end of America forever. We’d never get it back.

    People believe what they want to, I know. I heard all this stuff about how terrible Cruz was, how impersonable he was, how he was mean-spirited, but I have NEVER once seen that in him. Trump calls him nasty because he embarrassed his good friend McConnell. He stated publicly that was the reason Ted was nasty. Because he stood up for us, we the people, and did what we cannot even get into the building to say, if we could. YAY, Ted!

    Well, he’s not perfect. Nobody is. But, when you look at the comparison of all the candidates, you’ll not find another candidate this time around with a better conservative score. He was rated well above the rest. We need a good candidate to rein in spending, to pick good SC choices, to go to bat against the SC and their over-reach in making legal things that the people in more than a majority of states had already voted against.

    Carson is a nice guy, and maybe the next time around he’ll get rid of Armstrong Williams and listen to his paid team. It’s really a shame that he let him run his campaign into the ground. I pray he has learned his lesson. But, since Armstrong is still around,I doubt this election cycle will work for him. Sad to see him go this way, really. But our choices have consequences and the Iowa debacle was clearly Armstrong Williams boondoggle. There was no reason to announce this before voting took place.

    Caucuses are different from primaries, as campaigning can still take place while votes are being cast. So, a lot of stuff, if we knew about it all, would be considered dirty tricks, but all teams do it to get people to vote for them. Look up some articles on how a caucus works. I was shocked, myself. I guess I prefer a primary, myself. I don’t have to feel that anybody is bugging me to change my vote.

    Personally, I wonder if Trump, who is known to pay people to show up at his rallies also pays for their votes? Doesn’t anybody think that might be a problem? I’ve read a couple people’s stories that they showed up, even though they were not Trump supporters, just to get the money, and they WERE paid!

    Just some thoughts…


    Cruz may have memorized it but that doesn’t forgive him for voting against the Constitution in favor of big government.


    Ted Cruz voted against the Fourth Amendment and our right to privacy from the federal government with his votes to extend the Patriot Act and the NSA backed Freedom Act which allows the NSA a back door to continue infringing upon the 4th Amendment. I don’t think Benjamin Franklin wouls be a Cruzer as he stated those who give up liberty for freedom deserve neither.

  15. Chuck Ruckus

    I can’t find this quote anywhere. I would be inclined to say people believe anything on the internet, but the fact is, it goes well beyond that. People believe what they hear or read based on what they want to believe. Any news media isn’t any better than varied internet sources, as nobody thinks valid citations are needed. So what we have, is a lot of statements and claims that have no direct source as to their validity.

  16. Mikneiah

    You have a picture of Trump above with a quote: “never saw the value in it”.
    You did not give source of that quote. Please cite your source.
    Thank you

  17. Bill Thompsonq

    If Cruz knows the Constitution, why did he defend the 10 commandments being on court house property which is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment?

  18. Lynette

    Can you give a source for what, when where Trump says this, to hush naysayers?

  19. Rosalyn Strode

    I was thinking all day today to offer Trump a Pocket Constitution …. Then my common sense spoke : He would not read it …he reads the enquirer….