Social Media Addicts

It’s a given that social media has turned into a great tool for many things. It has become a digital home to advertisers, writers, business’, musicians and the everyday web surfer. But it seems that more and more people are allowing themselves to be caught up in the social media moment and too much of a good thing could very well be a bad thing.

I know if you are like me, you probably find yourself frequently using Facebook to update statuses or on Twitter “tweeting” away. This takes away from what you are currently doing in real life. People check-in at places, or update their status about what they are doing or where they are and with who, rather than enjoying the moment they are in. What you have to do is find that middle ground dividing social media land and the world we actually live in. Just the other day I was shopping for a brand new iPhone case for my phone and instead of looking around in the store I found myself on my phone I was shopping for, more than what I was intending to do.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are of course very useful in our everyday lives but you don’t want to put everything you do into it, becoming a digital robot. You want to still engage with people around you while using your spare time to check out the latest tweets posted by your favorite celeb or look at new pictures on Facebook that your best friend uploaded.

Here are some tips on how to manage both your social media life and your personal life without being completely enslaved:

  1. Status update – There is no reason for everyone to know what you are doing at all times. While it is fun to update your status and that of your cat’s, making everyone aware of your existence every minute can be a little annoying. Try scheduling updates of your status. Infrequent status updates can be just as impacting as excessive updates.
  2. Calendar updates – When you adjust your calendar on your phone, keep a written copy handy as well. A pocket sized calendar will do just fine (if your phone breaks you at least have a hard copy to refer back on). Schedule a coffee break with a friend because an espresso by text is not as enjoyable.
  3. Useful Apps – Try downloading apps that you would use in certain environments. An app that makes fart noises may not appeal to most but an app that helps you compare prices on products or helps you find the perfect wedding dress might be more practical. Try to use these apps before you go shopping so that you are not the victim of a pitfall.

What I’m trying to say is you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of using social media, without being sucked in and neglecting your family and friends around you. Let social media awareness play a part in how you use these sites and use them how they are intended to be used; not as a means of survival.

Written by Guest Post