Whether you’re maintaining a personal or a business Facebook page for marketing or for branding, running out of things to post or share is a no-no. It is important to keep yourself visible and active among your followers, more so for business pages. That’s why when I chanced upon this Facebook app, I was nothing short of thrilled.

Maintain Facebook Pages and Groups like a pro

It’s called the Post Planner. Simply put, it allows you to schedule Facebook updates on your profile, pages or groups like you can schedule blog posts in sites like WordPress and Blogspot. It also allows you to post to a number of Facebook pages and groups in one go and automate your RSS feeds for blog entries. But the best feature that got me interested in this app is that it suggests things that you can post and lets you put your brand all over your followers’ walls. You can even schedule repeat updates and specify time zones in case you have followers worldwide. Amazing isn’t it?

Brand like a rockstar

Introduced in March 2011 by developers Go West Social (by Joshua Parkinson) and Julie Cros, the FB Post Planner was actually intended to assist businesses and social media marketers in planning Facebook posts and strategies for branding and marketing. Its features allow for maximum exposure to target audiences with minimal need for management and maintenance.

This Facebook app allows you to easily add your logo, brand and website link in every post, perfect for those into internet marketing, affiliate marketing and other ventures that involve social media marketing and branding. Since FB updates can be scheduled, it ensures visibility within your FB community even if you can’t go online everyday. It allows you to regularly post viral content to establish online authority and maximize FB publicity.

Save time and effort

Posting Facebook content every now and then can be a drag, especially if you’re off to some good long vacation and have decided on an Internet-free escapade to some island in the Mediterranean.

With this app, you can maximize the time you spend on Facebook and do marketing with top efficiency. No need to spend hours or days pondering on what to say or how to break the ice with your audience. With over 5,000 status update suggestions, man, there wouldn’t even be an ice to break if you keep posting and sharing like a pro.

A little drawback…

But just in case you are wondering, this app isn’t free. As of press time, there are three packages that you can avail of, varying in prices and available features and functions: Pro ($4.95/month), Branded ($14.95/month) and Team ($24.95/month).

The Pro package only allows for posting to your Profile, posting to your Pages, and accessing the status idea database for 1 admin. The other two packages offer additional features: posting to your Groups, RSS feed syndication, post branding, and addition of website link to every post. The Branded package allows for 1 admin; the Team package allows for 5.

But not really…

Actually, Post Planner doesn’t really alienate those who just want to try the app before shelling out some dollars, since there is a free 30-day trial for those who just want to check it out. You can just install the app from the Post Planner website or try it straight from Facebook. When you go to the app, you’ll be faced with the usual “allow” pages until you see this, where you can check out the app and how it works, only with limited features..

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