Does Digg have an Autobury? Show Me the Proof!

BuriedA year ago, our sister website Social News Watch launched.  It was brought into this virtual world with the love and care associated with passion.  Its topic: social media.  Its authors: social media users.  Its goal: talk about social media.

The initial success was amazing.  The 14th story posted to it hit the front page of Digg.  Shortly after that, another hit.  And another.  In a 4 week period during November and December 2007 it hit the front page of Digg 8 times.

Since then, it has never hit.

What changed?  The topic?  The authors?  The goal?  No, no, and no.  The only thing that changed was that it was placed on the autobury list that supposedly does not exist.  It didn’t matter who submitted it: top users gave it a shot, including MrBabyMan and Zaibatsu.  Mid-level users submitted it.  New users submitted it.  There were stories that were “Digg Gold” posted on it, designed specifically to appeal to what Digg users like.

There are other sources that claim to be Autoburied.  I want to hear about more.  If you believe that your site is on the autobury list, please post it here.  We would like to run some tests to confirm one way or another that it does or does not exist.  There are ways to find out.  We’ll do it.

This story was inspired by NumberNeal who did a guest post on NowSourcing.

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  1. As I like to tell people, I’m the living proof. Co-founder until the execs decided I wasn’t co-founder – instead I was the guy who built digg for $1000 at $10 an hour (both numbers blatantly false). Just don’t believe anything Kevin Rose or Jay Adelson say and you’ll be much happier. I know I am.

  2. JD Rucker

    Owen, I would love to do an interview.

  3. I can’t say I am a fan considering I have posted some cool articles that were much better then the ones on the front page.. Owen you should start another one and give them some direct competition.

  4. Hummm that’s very interesting for sure! Don’t know what to say really as I’ve never been a Digg power user but it does raise some questions in my mind about Digg…

  5. Crazy! I’m still learning about Digg so I don’t quite know what to make of this but it definitely sucks for you guys.

  6. @Owen Byrne,

    I quit believing Jay Adelson when he tried to tell us Digg had ? how many registered users? Or was that a misquote?

    Do yuo realize that Digg is now worthless to Jay and Kevin? The last round of investment left Digg in the hands of the investors. Even if Digg is sold Jay and Kevin will not get a cent.

    Their only chance is to hang on to it and hope to make it profitable with the new influx of Facebook users.

    Autobury? The Digg mafia have their own GreaseMonkey scripts that find and bury posts by keyword, URL, Domain and UserName.

  7. Dan

    Yeah, saw the same thing here. I work with a number of sites that typically have no business appearing on Digg – but we pulled together some great content, promoted it, and had a short string of successes. Now, even a great story from one of these sites, simply doesn’t appear in upcoming. I wasn’t even aware of the auto-bury dynamic until a week or two ago, but there is little doubt in my mind that my sites are on the list.

    I also suspect that my profile has been flagged after I called out another submission for blatant plaigarism – but that may just be a personal vendetta by another user.

    The lack of transparency is pathetic, and undermines the fundamental community dynamic. If I’m willing to adjust my content to make it more palatable for the digg audience, than how does it make any sense to auto-bury it? Shouldn’t the community continue to validate or invalidate a site’s content? If my site’s submissions shift from spammy to spectacular, isn’t that win for everyone?

    They can’t hide behind their terms of service forever…or can they?