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  1. WOW. Puts it all into perspective doesn’t it. SO when you website is bit slow. Blame Faceboo0k, flickr and Blogger. Oh and that long awaited email. Well now I know.
    You are 209 563 459 563th in the queue … please be patient.

  2. Tom Swanson

    Incredible graphic. Amazing to see 210 billion emails out a day. That’s almost 30 emails per person in the whole world 😮

  3. A great example of a graphic telling the whole story at a glance (as opposed to a blog with several paragraphs of information. Maybe next year you’ll do one that’s 3D and shows all those trends over time. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. “700,000 new members are added on facebook everyday.”

    Incredible. Most sites would love to have 700,000 members total — and facebook gets that many every single day.

  5. It all makes me realize how important semantic web will be in the years coming. Thanks for the post.