Do you know how big the Internet is? (Infographic)

The people over at put together this truly enlightening infographic bringing the Internet into an understandable scale. Enjoy!

A Day in the Internet
Created by Online Education

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6 thoughts on “Do you know how big the Internet is? (Infographic)”

  1. Robert Bravery says:

    WOW. Puts it all into perspective doesn’t it. SO when you website is bit slow. Blame Faceboo0k, flickr and Blogger. Oh and that long awaited email. Well now I know.
    You are 209 563 459 563th in the queue … please be patient.

  2. Tom Swanson says:

    Incredible graphic. Amazing to see 210 billion emails out a day. That’s almost 30 emails per person in the whole world 😮

  3. John McTigue says:

    A great example of a graphic telling the whole story at a glance (as opposed to a blog with several paragraphs of information. Maybe next year you’ll do one that’s 3D and shows all those trends over time. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. SocialNews says:

    “700,000 new members are added on facebook everyday.”

    Incredible. Most sites would love to have 700,000 members total — and facebook gets that many every single day.

  5. Mike Bensonn says:

    It all makes me realize how important semantic web will be in the years coming. Thanks for the post.

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