Digg – Your token appears to be invalid

Are big changes being rolled out at Digg? Is it a glitch? Why can’t we Digg stories?

These questions have been rolling over to me all afternoon and at this point, I have no idea what the answer is. Something glitchy is happening at Digg.com right now. Some stories need to be refreshed several times to get a valid “token” to digg it. Other times, pages load up and show that you’re logged off altogether.

An email to Digg support received a form reply about the item being looked into by the development team.

UPDATE: Submissions seem to be affected as well, as I have tried in vane 14 consecutive times, including attempting it after a restart and a clearing of the cookies, as has been suggested by Digg. This was the result:

With upcoming major changes and recent tweaks allowing newer accounts to hit more easily, it’s clear that something is going on. Whether or not this is a symptom of changes (in other words, if they’re going to be rolling out beta testing soon) is a mystery.

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  1. Glad you made this post, I was trying to digg stuff for 20 minutes before I searched this.

  2. I have been getting the same thing and all I want to do is Digg.

  3. heyguy

    Perhaps they are getting ready to roll the site over to the new format. The problem with digg is that their categories are to broad. I tend to prefer niche sites such as slashdot, socialnews.biz and techmeme

  4. i think digg has big problems but the time make it

  5. lunarsight

    It’s happening to me today – frustrating as all heck.