The news is all in the headline. While this link leads to a story that can be read in 7 seconds, the comments on the story AND on the Digg itself make this a worthwhile read. It will be the initial response from the Digg community, nicely timed as it made the front page of Digg almost exactly at 5:00 central standard time.

This should get a huge flurry of responses. Get passed the flames. Identify the good posts. Those are gold.  Ignore the blatant flames from those who flame anything about Digg or tech partnerships.  This is a Digg tech partnership, so it will get doubly flamed.  Ignore.

My personal reaction is this: Digg has been on the right track for social media and news since its inception. The WSJ, on the other hand, overestimated its value to the online community and alienated itself. If there was a better move to correct that faux pas, this is it. Both will come out smelling like roses at the end of the day with Digg getting a stronger footing in the business segment of news and the WSJ getting a much needed injection of traffic.

Digg wins.

WSJ wins.

Readers win.

Game on!

The Wall Street Journal means business. You should too:

Complete techcrunch story – Read the comments! | As Dugg by Verge

Written by JD Rucker
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