DiggDigg.com is always a popular topic on blogs and tech news sites, but recently, it’s been the word of the day.  Instead of posting links to dozens of stories, we’ve hand-picked and summarized some of the best ones over the last couple of weeks.  Some are funny, some are sad, but no matter what, Digg is in the news.

Don’t buy it! 

Tamar Weinberg posted a story to her blog detailing why nobody should buy digg.  In it, she shows how Digg has lost its focus and is heading in the wrong direction, disrespecting users and closing their doors to questions.

Autobury Myth Proven? 

Copyblogger, once a regular on the Digg front page, has allegedly entered autobury status (as has this blog and a couple of others recently).  In their eyes, Digg is Dead.  The evidence and some of the evidence in a link in the story are compelling.  A full story is being researched about how Social News Watch is also in autobury status after eight front page stories one month and none since, but until the data can be compiled and confirmed, the truth will have to wait.

Need to hit the front page of Digg?  Fork over the cash!

There are reports of companies with the ability to game digg for fun and profit.  This isn’t recent news, but the rehash is important in that it brings to light claims that companies out there are able to put junk on the front page of Digg and other social media websites for a price.  They are proud of their abilities and make no effort to hide their breach of TOS, other than not listing the millions of accounts that they use.

So funny because it’s so true.

Gawker put out an incredible parody image of Digg that absolutely nails the realities of social media in general.  Quite clever.

Digg Front Page = No Additional Advertising Revenue (or does it?).

This story on Publishing 2.0 gives in-depth details on the concept that Digg traffic has little value when it comes to making money for niche publishers.

There may be a solution or two.  Front Page Bids and Gawker are working on ways to turn pageviews and visitors inherent with social media into profit for both them and the bloggers.  Neither are quite launched, but when they are, the blogging world will be knocking on the door.

You’d think they had more traffic than that.

Wired pokes fun at the poor choice of advertising found on Digg.  999,999th visitor?  This week, maybe!

Lawsuit, shmawsuit.

In what sounds like a case of bogus lawsuits, Digg is named in two separate patent infringement cases.  Without investigating the specifics, the details in the story seem to be leaning towards very little for Digg to worry about.

For Sale: Social Media Website, 4 years old, potty-trained and ready for a loving News Mogul.

Jay Adelson dismissed rumors that Digg was being put up for sale in a recent interview with British Timesonline, despite several reports that they had secured the services of Allen & Company to help broker the deal and that some of the usual suspects were already kicking the tires.

You Win!  Wait, your fans don’t agree.

CNET News had a great follow up piece to their story about Digg being the best social destination of 2007, reverberated on this blog prompting that Digg is looking strong for 2008.  In the followup, CNET discusses the rash of anti-digg comments to the original story when it hit the homepage.

Digg Algorithm goes open source!

Okay, so it was hypothetical, but still, the first ever guest column on the Nowsourcing blog was a great read.  Provoked thought (a good trait in a story).  What would happen if they opened the Digg algorithm for all to see, break down, and potentially game?  Chaos.
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Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.