Digg MilestonesFor many, getting a story on the front page of Digg is a nice accomplishment.  Some people submit dozens, even hundreds of stories over the months and years and never make it.  Others find modest success — 15 front page stories puts users in the top 1000 ranks on the site that gets over 20 million unique visitors a month.

For a pair of active diggers, the day they hit the top 1000 list is way behind them.

User mklopez hit the 1,000 front page story mark on November 30th when Linux for iPhone hit the front page.  Miguel Lopez, whose top front page sources are Gizmodo and Lifehacker, states in his About section on his profile:

“Live Long and Trust No One, but The Force” – Mulder Kenobi, of Vulcan

His top story this year was this post, which received over 7,000 diggs.

Muhammad Saleem is well known in social media as msaleem.  We are anticipating this week that the #2 most prolific Digger will hit the 2,000 front page mark.  At 1,990 as of the time of this post, it could be any time now.

Saleem, who spreads his submissions over a wide range of sites (18 sites this year with over 10 front page stories), had his top story of the year also break the 7,000 digg mark.

Let us not forget a milestone that we (embarrassingly) missed. MrBabyMan broke the 3,000 front page mark over 160 stories ago (about a month’s worth) and we didn’t even notice.  Corrections made now.

His amazing daily tear through the front page of Digg continues.  In the least year, he has tested the Digg Effect on 474 different websites, 131 of those more than once.  To put that into perspective, only 29 users in Digg’s history have more than 474 total front page stories.  Looking at it from a traffic perspective, he has sent a conservative estimate of over 60 million visitors to various websites across the Internet.

His most prolific (and powerful) submission of the year was this emotionally driven image that received over 13,000 Diggs and over 1,000 comments.

Social News Watch congratulates mklopez, msaleem, and MrBabyMan for their accomplishments.

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Written by JD Rucker
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