As much as I have enjoyed Digg over the years, it is officially no longer relevant as a social news site.  The concept that social “media” can be pictures, videos, podcasts, or articles is great, but what I witnessed tonight was both enjoyable and sad.

Digg Prom

The enjoyable part was that it is raw, clever, and something perfect for this age of YouTube and Flickr where people can be bold and become stars by doing odd things.  Some of the things they do work incredibly, others fail miserably and become complete tragedies of shame — the line between the two potentials is often extremely thin.

In this case, it worked (for now).  The submission had over 3000 Diggs 45 minutes after hitting the homepage on a Sunday night (US time).  It will probably break 10k.  Over then next couple of days, it will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  The kid will probably (hopefully) get a prom date out of it, whether it’s the intended target or not.


As one respected Digg member said, “I was doing some troubleshooting of SocialBlade Sunday night when I saw an image hit the front page at 389 diggs. At first I thought I had found a bug, but then when comparing the data from ajaxonomy and the current front page of digg I saw that the data was correct, or very close to being correct at least. I kept refreshing digg and saw the image was getting almost 100 diggs a minute, and this trend continued for about 45 minutes until the image made #1 with 3036 diggs in the top in all topics list for today.”

“I see how it’s related to digg and how people could be interested in it, but I consider digg a news source with the occasional humorous piece thrown in, and stories/images such hitting the front page, and especially doing so well, are starting to make me think digg is no longer the best source for news anymore but rather turning into the likes of another fark.”

Looking at what has been the most popular stories of this particular 24 hour period, I have to agree.

Digg Most Popular

These are all entertaining.  They’re all fun.  Still, it begs the question: what happened to the news?

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Written by JD Rucker
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