This story will be removed from upcoming between 20-30 Diggs

Digg AutoburyGuess what.  Autobury exists.  Despite questions being sidestepped by Jay Adelson (who answered a direct question about autobury by asking “Why would we want to do that?”), there is too much evidence to the contrary.

We are researching 5 different blogs that are on the “non-existent” autobury list.  This happens to be one of those blogs.  It isn’t banned — you can still submit a story from it — but regardless of time submitted or who submits it, it will be removed from the Upcoming section sometime shortly after reaching 20 Diggs.

Here is one last test, not because it needs confirmation, but just to have a monitored record.  We will be watching referrers, tracking buries as best as we can with the Bury Recorder (which is admittedly incomplete data) and most of all, we will watch the upcoming list.  The crawler that handles autoburying stories searches any that hit the 20 Digg mark.  It takes time to make its round, so it is possible to make it above 20 before the story is removed.

Keep an eye on this.  We will.  Once all of the data is compiled, it will be placed at Soshable.

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  1. Officially removed from upcoming section at 20 Diggs in 27 minutes after being submitted.

  2. JD , I agree with that 100% its a fact!
    Its nice to know Jay Adelson can lie to digg users in the face!
    Well that shows us from what digg management made of! lie to your own users, i think i read somewhere that this is the key to success.

  3. DIY

  4. I’d like to know what the 5 sites are. Another thing is that Digg Spy either is not accurate when it comes to showing buries or it does not show an internal autobury. I’m thinking it’s the latter.