Not sure whether to applaud them for attempting to get creative or to scorn them for being unoriginal. Companies have put “ads” in their source code before, sort of an Easter Egg for us geeks to find, but this one is both scary and strangely intriguing.

It’s an advertisement leading to HellIsNigh, a promotional site for the Dante’s Inferno game coming out later this month. Rather than pass judgment on whether or not it will be effective, I will say that I’m happy that Digg is making an effort at thinking outside of the box.

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  1. ani

    I think it is kind of creepy how we can be looking at an advertisement and not even realize it. It would be interesting to see how this affects sales, to see whether or not it works on consumers. Even if you knew you were looking at a hidden advertisement, it seems like it might be hard to tell what the ad is for since it is not blunt and obvious.