Digg Ads: Less than 2 Weeks Old and Breaking their Own TOU

That didn’t take long.


Looks suspicious, but sex sells, right? Maybe there was nothing against TOU. Maybe it was all just language and innuendo which are perfectly fine for Digg.



If you can imagine that image without the purple strip, you’ll get the picture.

To Digg’s credit, they either pulled the ad altogether quickly or stopped serving it to me. Either way, they did the right thing. Let’s hope that future Digg ads will be screened more closely.

* * *

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One thought on “Digg Ads: Less than 2 Weeks Old and Breaking their Own TOU”

  1. hellengineer says:

    I like the idea behind these ads and I guess with digg’s history they’re just fine tuning it at the moment. Will they stop those useless flash banner ads anytime in the future in favor of these? Everyone just adblocks them. I removed adblock to test these and I was getting pretty decent targeted ads.

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