Donald Trump Faith Matters

One does not have to hit their knees before bed and read the Bible daily to see the clear need for Judeo-Christian values within the Oval Office. Faith matters, but many in the mainstream media are trying to downplay the importance of faith in a President. Believing this fallacy may be the biggest mistake an American can make.

We’ve seen what can happen to a country when faith is downplayed by a President. Ronald Reagan was the last President to emphasize it and a case can be made that we’ve been heading down a moral and ethical black hole ever since he left. It’s not about religion. It’s about values. When the leader of the country bases his values on something other than the God-given laws written on our hearts and embodied by Jesus Christ, we end up with the debacle that we’ve had for the last seven years.

This isn’t about getting department stores to say, “Merry Christmas” as Donald Trump has proposed. It’s about the righteous values that the Bible instills within its readers that prevents them from ever being pro-choice, anti-gun, and morally inept. Trump’s three marriages are acceptable in today’s world, but they shouldn’t be acceptable in a President. His boasts about sleeping with hundreds of women is practically admired in today’s world, but it shouldn’t be admired in a President. Sleeping with married women and bragging about it – that may be frowned upon in most men but it should be a clear indicator of the lack of moral compass that a Presidential candidate has displayed.

The Excuses

Some will say that Trump is not like Obama from a political perspective even if he’s arguably less faith-driven than the President. On immigration and national security, they would be correct. On progressive tax plans, affirmative action, socialized healthcare, eminent domain, and a handful of other issues, Trump is very close in perspective to Obama.

Some will say that Trump is a winner and we need a winner to take on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They’ll say that he’s not perfect but at least he’s not as bad as them. There are two problems with these thoughts. First, Ted Cruz (who I support) and Marco Rubio (who I do not support) are both far better positioned to defeat either Democratic candidate. Trump is considered a non-option by over 60% of the voting population while Cruz and Rubio are each under 50%. Second, the Democratic candidates are weak enough that we don’t need a wildcard to take them out. We need a solid candidate. A wildcard like Trump would have been nice in 2012 or even 2008, but this year Republicans have the advantage.

Some will say that the separation of church and state means that Trump’s lack of Biblical knowledge is ideal. Be careful with this line of thinking. While I would never promote a theocracy of any form until Jesus Christ returns to reign, the need for faith-driven values to operate from the White House should be the highest priority, not one that is dismissed. Faith is powerful. It affects those who have it on a regular basis. To say that it won’t or shouldn’t affect the decisions of the President walks us rapidly towards a dangerous time in history. I believe that there will be a time when faith is abandoned in the White House, but I will fight to prevent it. The separation of church and state is almost always misunderstood. It’s not in the Constitution and the premise was established to prevent the state from influencing the church more than the other way around. Again, no theocracy, but faith-based values are required.

Lastly, some will say that they believe Trump is a man of faith. After all, he received an endorsement from Jerry Falwell Jr. Whether you respect Falwell or not is up to you, but it’s conspicuous that a man of God would endorse someone with Trump’s unethical history, a man who has an inability to properly recite a Bible verse, and who claims that he has never and will never ask for forgiveness. Like his father, Falwell is money-driven more than he’s faith-driven. That’s the nature of televangelism. I do not consider this endorsement to be a positive reflection of Trump’s faith.

Why Mainstream Media Attacks

I won’t link to the articles that are coming out daily with attacks on faith. They have their agenda and right now Trump fills one of the needs for their agenda. Mainstream media wants Trump to be the nominee because they’re generally liberal and they want to see the Democrats retain the White House. It’s crystal clear to anyone who can discern the truth in their agenda by watching their actions. They know that if they can get Trump to win the nomination, they’ll be able to attack him more fervently and decisively than any other GOP candidate. They’ll march out women he’s hurt, minorities he’s offended, business partners he’s screwed over, and lines of other people who will help paint the picture that Donald Trump is not fit for the office or President. They’re already lined up. They’re just waiting until no other GOP can defeat him before they utterly destroy him. If he’s a non-choice for over 60% of voters today, just wait until the mainstream media really goes to work on his character.

The best chance for the liberal mainstream media’s agenda to be fulfilled is to convince Evangelicals that it’s okay to vote for Trump because faith is secondary to being a winner. In reality, the GOP will win the White House if we select a candidate of true faith and Biblical values. The media will do everything they can to convince us otherwise.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.