And on the 3rd Day, Cuil Lists Itself on Search for “Cuil”


Cuil Appears on CuilNote to self: when creating a new search engine with $33 million in funding, remember to list your website on the front page when people search for you.

Somehow, the Cuil algorithm missed it for a couple of days.  No worries.  Problem solved.  On this, the third day since it’s launch, Cuil has listed itself when someone does a search for “Cuil”.

As reported in TechCrunch and further explored in Soshable, this wasn’t the case for a little while.  In the hustle and bustle of promoting the launch of the site, this one minor detail slipped through the cracks, adding to the flurry of poor reviews that followed hours after its Monday launch.

Here is a screenshot of the search before the algorithm either corrected itself or it was manually updated following the discover of the omission:

Cuil on Cuil

As the site matures, there is still a chance that it can recover from its launch errors and regain some momentum.  Still, the damage is done.  It was publicized enough to where if it had been more accurate when it was launched, it could have made a very strong splash in the search engine market.  As it is, the site has arguably garnered a strong batch of initial users.

If it can improve, it has the funding to succeed.  The question is, will it?

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  1. I’m VERY skeptical about cuil being a major force in the search business. From what I saw, most search results came back with spam links AND irrelevant images. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sticking with Google.

  2. John, you’re absolutely right. Google isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the other options and way better than Cuil.

  3. I played around with it for a bit. It’s a nice concept and certainly breaks the mold of how search results are listed. Personally, though, I find it hard to navigate and find what I’m looking for.

  4. It took Cuil three days to realize that they weren’t listed? I guess they weren’t reading the press (blogs) on the first day, because that fact was mentioned over and over again.

    I heard that Cuil is really the Irish word for Fail. Any truth to that rumor? 😉