Search for “Cuil” on Cuil… They Can’t Find Their Own Site!

Cuil LaunchYes, it has been bad.  It is possibly the greatest 1-day reversal of fortunes in the history of the Internet.  Monday started off as a monumental day for Cuil with over 7.4 trillion articles and blog posts written about its launch.  Before Monday ended, it was reviewed by another 471 billion blogs and given a fail rating by all but 11 or so.

If you haven’t heard about it, you didn’t turn on your computer Monday.  Sadly, that would make you one of the lucky ones.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth a shot just so you’ll know that we aren’t just picking on it.  It’s that bad.  NetworkWorld said it was cold.  The New York Times pointed out various problems with Cuil, as did IT Pro, ZDNet, an eWeek.

WebProNews was a bit more blunt, saying that Cuil crashed and burned, while AlleyInsider said it was the “Worst.  Launch.  Ever.

All of this is wonderfully scathing, but perhaps the truest testamony against the Google challenger-for-a-few-hours was picked up by Techcrunch.  Erich Schonfield noted that a search for “Cuil” ON cuil did not list their own website on the first page of results.

Cuil not on Cuil


The come and they go.  It’s the Internet.  There are a million failed websites for every one that makes it.  This one went from a monumental launch to a monumental failure faster than I thought possible, even by world wide web standards.


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  1. Sam

    Bad press isn’t always the worst thing that can happen. I’d never heard of them until this and I’ll probably drop by in a few months or so to see if they’ve improved. They will at least be remembered, better than nobody knowing or caring.

    Interestingly, they don’t seem to have dealt with page redirection correctly which is something I have never seen on a search engine before. See the second result for this page which is a placeholder for a redirect:

  2. Jay

    Yeah, how about that reversal of fortunes? Cuil was all over the internet, all over the TV even and they totally disappointed. It couldn’t find some really obvious search queries when I looked for business by both name and address. It can’t find itself even. Sometimes it just returned an error and couldn’t find anything. Very disappointing.

    Maybe there’s no such thing as bad publicity and people will come back and try it again in the future but it’s hard to argue that they didn’t squander a HUGE opportunity with this launch.

  3. ACH-writer

    I’ve become weirdly obsessed with seeing just how bad Cuil is. I keep going back to plug in obvious and easy searches so I can laugh at how bad the results are. Wow.

    A bright spot: Somehow in the last 24 hours the algorithm has changed so that now it at least manages to find my own site on a search of my name. Something it couldn’t do yesterday.

  4. i thought they would improve after almost three months in existence, but still it can’t find my blog. i wonder why? another simple search engine, beat them on this.