Cruz Wanted a Border Wall in 2012 While Trump Was Still Lobbying for Amnesty [VIDEOS]

Donald Trump Supports Amnesty

A common claim by Donald Trump and his supporters is that he was talking about building a wall before the other GOP candidates, Ted Cruz in particular. This is 100% false. Ted Cruz was defending the building of the border wall to a series of moderators in July, 2012. At that point, Trump was on record as still supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The only defense that he and his supporters can muster is that he has “evolved” on his beliefs of nearly seven decades. This is awfully convenient, of course, considering that his new talking points match the narrative that is required to stir up what psychologists are calling the “authoritarian wing” of the Republican party. These are the Republicans who are angry about what the government is doing and who want someone strong to tell them what to think and how to act. It’s the daddy-issues wing of the party – those who know enough to want change but who don’t take the time to research the claims of their chosen candidate.

These people won’t be reached. Instead, we’re appealing to the curious- but thoughtful-Republicans who are interested in hearing what Trump has to say but who won’t follow him blindly based upon the unlikely claim that he’s erased 67-years of liberalism just in time to be Mr. Conservative. They will research him and come to the conclusion that he was pro-amnesty less than two years before his infamous anti-immigrant rant when he launched his campaign.

Meanwhile, consistent Ted Cruz has been fighting for a wall on the border for several years. Here’s a couple of instance against hostile audiences when he was making the difficult pitch for building a wall in front of people who clearly were against the concept.

Now, let’s take a look at three more videos. The first one was made by a super PAC supporting Cruz. Before you believe that it’s obviously going to be biased, it’s important to note that they’re using actual footage of Donald Trump and others over the years clearly stating what he truly believes.

Here’s my personal take on the two scenarios surrounding Donald Trump. Did he have a revelation after 66-years of life to reverse nearly all of his views, or is it more likely that he saw an opportunity to follow the Obama administration and achieve his personal goal of being President of the United States even if it meant denouncing his own perspectives and reinventing himself as a pseudo-conservative?

For those who don’t care what he thought for 66-years and believe that he’s against amnesty today, you should really take a closer look at what his actual policy on illegal immigration is. He’s actually to the left of a few candidates on the issue, particular Cruz.

Trump’s supporters will never look into the border wall or amnesty matters because the truth goes against the narrative they’ve been sold. However, if you’re undecided and believing that Trump is the gold standard for stopping illegal immigration, you should definitely do the research. Trump’s greatest ally is ignorance..

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  2. Winghunter

    2/8/16: Mark Levin: “Ted Cruz first had the idea to build a wall back on the border in 2011, before Donald Trump, and has been the only candidate whose opposition to amnesty has been unequivocal. The audio tape of Cruz talking about the wall is played on Levin’s show dated 2/8/16.

  3. Val Erie

    So? Then, WHERE’s THE WALL?!

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  6. Greg Zotta

    Donald Trump will now be the Republican nominee for President. To all the anti-Trump #NeverTrump people it is time to get on board to keep Killary or any other DemonRAT from becoming president. Again, I suggest you go to his site and learn about his positions on healthcare, the VA,veterans and the military, gun rights, immigration, tax reform, common core, trade etc. and you will see these policies are CONSERVATIVE and will Make America Great Again. So ask yourself, will the country be better off with Donald Trump, making America Great again, as president or Killary Clinton, who will continue on the path of destruction for the country with the DemonRAT’S policies. I will go with Trump! You and your friends should too.

  7. Greg Zotta

    FYI, the law to build the wall has already been passed in 2006, but the financing of the wall was defeated. Leave it to politicians to be on both sides of the issue. In this case there were two votes; one for building the wall that Hussein Obama and Killary voted for. Then there was a financing bill that did not pass. Why wouldn’t the financing be included in the original bill? You would have to ask the politicians for that spin.

  8. JP

    Actually Senator Cruz was talking about a wall way back in 2011. That was probably one of the many times that Trump was hiring illegals for lesser pay.