Cruz Endorsement Won’t Help Trump or the GOP. In Fact…

Ted Cruz Endorsement Hurts Trump

This weekend, I will be posting on The New Americana about how the Ted Cruz endorsement of Donald Trump for President is the rallying call conservatives have needed to finally break free from the bonds of the GOP in order to form a new conservative party. This was based upon initial reactions from many NeverTrumpers who looked to Cruz as a leader. Their reactions were not as Trump or Cruz had likely hoped.

Before we get into that, it’s important to understand that I hold no bitterness towards Cruz. It became clear through his primary campaign that many of the things we clung to regarding Cruz as a principled conservative were negotiable. This didn’t make him any worse of a candidate in most of our eyes. It simply made us realize that he’s much more of a politician than we had initially hoped. No big deal, really. Just as we put our best foot forward easily during a first date but often struggle to maintain it as a relationship continues, the revelations early on that Cruz was a politician didn’t take away from the fact that he was the best candidate for the job.

This latest “betrayal” was simply a political move, one that will prove to be a poor one. By turning the attention away from Trump’s shortcomings and towards the existential threat that Hillary Clinton poses, Cruz attempted to justify his decision as a righteous one. He, Trump, and the GOP hoped that it would be a wakeup call to those of us opposed to Trump that we have a bigger battle to fight. It was the standard “lesser of two evils” argument that we’ve been hearing for months.

That’s the problem. We already know Hillary is an existential threat. Our concern is that Trump may be a little less of an existential threat or may be even worse. At this point, we don’t know and it was people like Cruz who we looked to in order to act as the conservative dissent against Trump’s leftward lurch. Cruz pointed to a mode disciplined campaign in recent weeks as justification for changing his mind. What he failed to mention is that Trump has changed in other ways since the convention as well. He’s exposed more of his liberal ideologies, pulling down his tax cuts, promoting big government spending, proposing a minimum wage increase, pushing for government-funded maternity leave, and a handful of other Democratic ideas being adopted by the GOP. In other words, Trump may be campaigning nicer, but he’s even MORE of a threat to society today than when Cruz failed to endorse him at the convention.

This is going to hurt the GOP. It brings to light the thing that conservatives have feared the most: an unchecked Trump. Please don’t take this as support for Hillary in any way, but the one thing she has going for her in the eyes of conservatives is that she’s a clear force for us to unite against an oppose. With Trump, the opposition from the right is currently scattered. It was people like Cruz who gave us at least a little hope that Trump could be reined in by conservatives if he were to win the Presidency. By endorsing, he loses his standing as a conservative dissenter to Trump’s liberal ways.

Some would say that an endorsement does not mean that someone has embraced them fully. I disagree. That’s not to say that endorses are incapable of dissent, but it takes away their core argument. Trump represents the new Republican Party, one that can finally achieve its long-term goal of being the moderate party rather than the conservative one. The more that conservatives like Cruz endorse Trump, the more relevant a new party becomes.

We will be building this party. With or without Cruz, the need for conservatives to have a valid and tangible voice has never been more clear. If anything, Cruz boarding the Trump Train is further justification and an example of how lost the GOP has become.

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  1. moms4patriots

    I’m feeling a deep and profound grief today, but as Jesus said, a seed must fall to the ground and die before it will be able to bear fruit. May this be the final gasp of the republican party, and may the fruit it bears be the birth of a party with honor and principles.

  2. Pearl Nardini

    Does anyone really believe that the Cruz endorsement for Trump will add more votes for Trump? I believe that Cruz had supporters not followers. Trump has followers and we see them worshiping at his feet. Cruz supporters, I hope, have enough common sense to recognize that Cruz did sell out his principles and his courage and he has become a Trump follower and will be worshiping at his altar of success or doom. Ted, by endorsing Trump, had a lot to lose, little to gain.


  3. Steve

    I’ve have to wonder every time I read a piece written by Mr. Rucker, that is to wonder if his oars are truly hitting the water. I’d really like for him to highlight one area in which Trump could be “even worse” of an existential threat to America and/or the citizens thereof. Regardless of the gentle Cruz bashing by self-illuminated pseudo-conservatives, at least Cruz listed six reasons why he will be voting for Trump, and they seem to be pretty good reasons IMHO. (
    Cruz encouraged everyone at one point to vote their conscience and “by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable” and that in itself should be enough for any conservative (genuine) to vote Trump. It isn’t possible for anyone to to be a conservative and allow Hillary Clinton to squat in the White House. Talk about casting “principles” and “values” aside!
    Yeah, Trump isn’t any where near the perfect candidate, but he is the nominee.
    It will be Hillary or Trump, and that folks, happens to be the reality of the situation.

  4. Doug Broccone

    I think Cruz endorsed because he doesn’t want to be blamed for Trumps inevitable yuuuge loss.

    Cruz can now claim Trump voters and rebuild the party rather than try to cobble together a new one of displaced Conservatives alone.

    It is a cynical move for sure, but not a corrupt one

  5. Mac in Texas

    This very late statement by Senator Ted Cruz changes nothing!

  6. JD Rucker


    Everyone was excited when Trump took over an USFL team and effectively changed the direction of the league itself. Despite heading down a great path and landing an exclusive contract with a fledgling new network called ESPN, they followed Trump and his vow to make the NFL pay up and merge. He sued the NFL and won! Unfortunately, the judgment was for $3 (as in 300 pennies) and the league folded a year later.

    Everyone was excited when Trump took over an airline. He had innovative ideas and as an outsider many believed his promises that he’d surround himself with the best people and make the airline a real player on the world scale within four years. When it failed miserably 3.5 years later, over half of the “best people” he’d hired had been fired or bailed out because of the horrendous decisions he’d made. He took something promising and made it much worse than it was when he got it.

    Everyone was excited when Trump started Trump Mortgage. His prediction was that the mortgage industry had a long future of prosperity ahead. His prescience was made to look foolish as, less than a year later, every single thing that he had predicted would happen did not. In fact, his brilliance in the world of real estate amounted to him making the exact wrong decisions. His “best people” this time was to hire a CEO who had been in the mortgage industry for a total of six days.

    I could list multiple instances where it became clear that if this guy hadn’t been born into a real estate empire, he wouldn’t have amounted to anything but a salesman. That’s his skill. He’s great at selling.

    Fast-forward to today. Originally, he claimed that he could eliminate the national debt in 8 years. A month later, he said he could reduce the debt substantially. His latest stance is that we NEED to raise the national debt.

    Originally, he laid out a strong tax plan, one that would actually work as long as he dramatically cut spending. When he learned he couldn’t have all of his beloved entitlements and add to the budget under this plan, he reversed his middle-class tax cuts by trillions of dollars.

    Healthcare. Free trade. Increasing the federal minimum wage by nearly 40%. Government-funded maternity leave. Affirmative action. The list of his liberal policy proposals keeps growing, but for some reason all his supporters see is a wall.

    I do not want to see a Clinton Presidency. That doesn’t mean that I need to bear hug the other abysmal, deceptive, manipulative, liberal candidate the way that you have. If it were up to you, his push-polled proposal of “softening” on amnesty would have succeeded. It’s through dissent that conservatives have a voice. Acceptance of the continued leftward lurch of the Republican Party as the slightly less-liberal wing of big government policies is exactly why we no longer have true conservatism prevalent at any level in Washington DC. You want me to say, “Oh well, at least he’s not a Democrat. Do it for the party!” That’s what we’ve been saying for nearly three decades. Trump is the culmination of weak-kneed “conservatives” who cherish being on the winning team more than they cherish the fundamental tenets that alone can bring this country back from the brink.

    As to having to “wonder every time I read a piece” written by me, please just stop. You have Breitbart, Drudge, and plenty of other sources that will tickle your ears. Why waste your time with such an unintelligible mess like me? Exercise your rights to freedom while you still have them and stop visiting this site. Regardless of who the next President is, those rights will be attacked. The 1st Amendment is squarely in Trump’s sights. He’s locked, loaded, and ready to quash dissenters like me.

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  8. Jill Hamilton

    This is why I am not a fan of media weighing in on what Presidential candidates do. So much is speculation and what I call opinion journalism that so much is skewed from the truth. I watched a video that was taken live from a forum in Austin, Texas and heard my candidate, Ted Cruz answer for himself just what the situation was with his voting for Trump. And I got all the answers I needed from HIM! And I have two things to say in response to seeing that video. Ted is a Godly man. That has not changed, in fact it was even solidified in my mind with all he said. But also, he is in Washington. The media isn’t. And none of the posters here are either. If there is anything I have learned by being on his Cruz Crew for over a year now, it is that when something negative happens or something you think sheds a negative light on him? Wait to hear FROM HIM before you weigh in on it. Makes for not having to retract comments later. I will be supporting Ted in 2018 and if we are fortunate enough to have him to run for President again, I would be honored to serve his campaign again then as well. RESIDENT OF INDIANA – MIKE PENCE’S HOME STATE, WHO ORIGINALLY ENDORSED TED CRUZ.

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  10. John Summers

    Cruz is a man of God and you are not

  11. Yellowsquash

    I wear a Ted Cruz shirt every Tuesday at work to underline the fact that we chose the wrong nominee. Ted’s nondorsement didn’t change that fact. Ted’s debate praise still doesn’t change that fact. I will continue to wear his shirt on Tuesdays even as my heart breaks trying to fathom what it is that he is trying to accomplish.

    That being said, every word in your article is absolutely true. I do believe that Ted is trying to save the party, a noble cause. But we need build a new party in earnest. And yes, with or without him.