Despite recent indications that large corporations are not understanding social media sites such as Twitter, it’s clear that there are some that are finally getting it. A recent benchmarking study by followed up by a post by friend and cohort Joe Turner demonstrates how Social Media has gone corporate.

CorporateThe only thing truly surprising about this is how long it has taken for them to get it. Social media as a whole has been leading the way in new spends for businesses of all sizes. Still, it can be shocking how many of the larger entities still do not understand what to look for in a social media firm or consultant.

Today, there are approximately 400 trillion people claiming to be social media experts, gurus, and mavens. Some know what they’re doing, but for the most part it’s like picking out a star quarterback for the NFL. Many try, but few are able to truly cut it.

I learned today that a major automotive entity had retained the services of a social media company to promote an upcoming event. Upon researching the company, I came to one conclusion: they don’t know the basics of social media, let alone the advanced aspects required to promote an event that will draw tens of thousands of industry people to it. How did this happen?

One thing is clear – for corporations to continue to embrace social media, they have to be successful at it. That sounds like a plain statement, but keep in mind the psychology behind embarking on a new service or marketing style. If you try something and the results are poor, you may give up on the endeavor altogether. Even if the fault is in the company or individual that you hired, you may come to the conclusion that your market or industry just isn’t ready for new media.

This is where the huge mistake comes in. Social media is something from which nearly any corporation or small business in the world can draw value. I often fear that the bad taste left in the mouths of business owners who use inferior services will remove them from the social media market altogether. All I can latch on to when this thought occurs is that as of now, it’s still wide-open. There are plenty of businesses and corporations who have not embarked on their social media journey. Those of you who fall into this category, I hope that you are willing to investigate and make the right decision. Sometimes the best pitch does not result in the best service.

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  1. JD, you are so so right when you said the best pitch does not result in the best service! Because not all businesses know about Social Media, they then hear about it and are like “Well, maybe we should jump into this…” and then they come across a supposed expert or guru.

    I’ve had an ongoing conversation about this whole expert and guru business over the last couple days with some of my friends and I firmly believe that if you personally claim you’re an expert or “guru” and I don’t hear anyone else saying so, you’re full of it.

    Social Media is super powerful and can be used in an amazing and business changing way. The only issue is finding the proper information and the right people to help you which you can easily do, by doing the proper research ahead of time and not latching on like a rabid pitbull to someone else’s words, which can then get you in a not so profitable situation.

  2. JD Rucker

    Mike, it’s a wonderful point that should lead into another blog post… if others aren’t talking about how good your social media skills are, how good could they really be?

    It’s social media. The idea is that people socialize about it. Thank you for the thought! Now I have another rant to write (after which I promise to focus on being constructive rather than ripping on others).

  3. JD, One huge problem I see in this all. Most companies do not have a clue where to start looking or what social media skills even are…. And that could lead them down a road to an inferior person/product.. That is what makes it easy for these so called guru’s to pop up all over in the first place…

  4. Bertera Nissan is right companies are time and resource tied, so integration of social media within daily routines is not high on the agenda with companies this day and age. Herein lies the challenge with most companies, they are only just (only just) getting the point about understanding that their websites should be a part of a bigger digital strategy or even as a factor of a marketing plan. Add social media to the equation and companies are tied either by resource, policy or traditional business values. God forbid allowing people to discuss…

    Please keep ranting!