Christians and Social Media


It’s arguably the biggest challenge facing many of us who do social media for a living. The negativity, the cynicism, and the political correctness of social media in general makes it challenging to openly be a Christian.

In this blog post on Conservative Haven, I discuss some of the challenges faced by Christians and offer some advice that has helped me stay true to my faith while still participating in social media.

A question came through my inbox yesterday that has been rippling through my mind for nearly 24 hours now. Social media is left-leaning. It is open regarding religion but a good portion of the active users around the world are either “secretly” Christian, atheist, agnostic, or believe in other religions. This is a challenge because for many the perception is that there needs to be either a balance between one’s faith and their social media activities or they feel like they need to hide their faith altogether.

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  1. I think it is the Final Frontier Mission field…

  2. Personally, based on experience and observations, religions or being a Christian, specifically, is not a hindrance and should not become also an issue when it comes to social media. Embracing Chrisitianity while engaging in social media conversations will help you a lot in terms of giving good and God-centered advice.