Chevy SXSW

If you had to pick one brand that was really killing it at SXSW 2013, it would be Chevrolet. That’s right, the automaker from the industry known for clinging to traditional advertising techniques continues to have a handful of brands – Chevy and Ford in particular – that are finding success in progressive digital techniques.

I’ll go into much more detail about what Chevy is doing here, but if first impressions are anything, Chevy is making a splash in my book. You can’t go outside without seeing a “Catch a Chevy” branded vehicle circling the Austin Convention Center. They have several events ongoing, but one thing in particular that has been more successful than some may have expected is their hashtag, #ChevySXSW.


Normally, companies find very little success when they try to hijack hashtags. The primary hashtags get all the action and most of the “hashtag-alongs” get mediocre action with too many negative hashtag interactions. Chevy has been able to blow it out of the water.

Here are some images so far, but I’ll be giving a comprehensive report or two about the SXSW experience when I get back. Live-blogging is not my strong point.

Chevrolet SXSW

Chevy Find New Fun

Chevrolet Volt SXSW

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Written by JD Rucker
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