There are several larger companies, including Google and MySpace, that offer a way for non-profit organizations to bring their message to and raise funds from social networks. What isn’t mentioned in the article is that these services, if built properly by the non-profit organization, can be extremely valuable even beyond the obvious funding potential.

Social networks are incredibly potent in creating buzz. Build a group, share news, create awareness, make the network and the group grow… it all leads to the end goals of increasing awareness, pointing attention to the cause, and putting a good amount of cash in the bank.

There is so much money being spent on the internet, and trends point to this number increasing, obviously.  With such a powerful tool available, charities that aren’t harnessing this power are doomed to not only miss out on their full potential, but also allow money that could have gone to them end up in someone else’s pot.

For those looking to give to charities, do your research.  Charities are normally good, but there are many out there that make money for individuals in exchange for a token donation used for good causes.  Most charities do have great intentions, at least at first, but often flounder through poor leadership or the greed that comes with having so much money flowing through the coffers.

Things to watch for:

  • If they don’t say “All Proceeds”, send and email asking where the proceeds go.
  • The ones you know aren’t the only ones out there.  Sometimes, the smaller charities are the ones that do the most good with every dollar donated.  Again, do your research and make sure the money given to these small charities is being used correctly.
  • Local charities are often perfect places to give more than just your money.  If you have a business or a local website, donate time, pop a link to their website on yours, or do both.  It takes more than a check to make these charities run.

Click and check out the story below. It has resources for anyone interested in turning their free time into charitable time.
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Written by JD Rucker
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