Changes Coming at Soshable


For the last 4 years, we have been working hard to make Soshable a fun place to check out the latest and greatest in social media. We’ve ranted, laughed, cried, and exposed interesting ideas that aren’t normally found on blogs.

We’ve made some people upset along the way. For that, I’m sorry.

Things are changing. Soshable is switching from being a content-based blog to an actual social media consultancy. Yes, we’re turning it into a business. Before anyone starts calling us “sellouts”, let me be the first to do so. I’m a sellout. I had always hoped to build something that would be a place of my passions, a hideaway where the primary focus was on quality rather than business. Life happens. It’s time to put our knowledge to work.

All of the content will remain, but it will no longer be the primary focus. The company itself will focus on social media as a marketing, communication, and business-expansion tool. We will offer services. We will consult. We will charge.

It’s been a great run. Time to get serious.

5 thoughts on “Changes Coming at Soshable”

  1. Donald Patnaude says:

    Since you are putting it that way then there’s only one thing left for me to do. You leave me with no choice JD. I am happy to wish you Good Luck with your new business:)

  2. Joe says:

    Hey,how r u?? can u hook me up with the perfect lady in Bogota, Colombia,S.A. Do u do matchmaking in South America??? let me know. Thx.Joe

  3. Apna Sapna says:

    You people are really doing hard work. Keep going on.

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