YouTube for Branding

How to Build Your Brand With YouTube Videos

YouTube is a huge social media outlet with unparalleled outlets. It has a huge audience and great marketing potential for your business, but most businesses or brands aren’t quite sure how to use YouTube to build up their brand. The most common use for YouTube and business is to promote their company and show consumers what they do, but this isn’t the only way you should be using YouTube to promote your business. So what can you do different to market yourself on this social media outlet with one of the largest audiences on the internet?

First of all, most people don’t visit YouTube and search YOUR business. Most people will not subscribe to your YouTube Channel to see your commercials and what you sell. They typically know that car dealerships for instance, sell cars. They will most likely know what your dealership is all about from television commercials, internet ads, newspaper, and radio ads. They aren’t there to research your company’s history. Although these things are important, YouTube may not be the best outlet to promote these items on. Of course, you will want to still have videos like this on your channel, but to capture your target audience, you must do more.


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Rebecca Black’s Viral Takeover Through Humility


Does anyone remember “Friday?” It’s likely that it will become all the more familiar once you hear the few opening notes of the song that went viral two years ago. Since that time, Rebecca Black, who performed the song, seemed to stay relatively under the radar, which usually indicates the 15 minutes of fame cliché that’s easy to tie to any Internet fad. Fifteen might not be enough, though, as Black went viral once more; this time, it was through a surprising show of humility.

A few days ago, Black posted a new music video on her YouTube channel called “Saturday.” Very much tongue-in-cheek in relation to “Friday,” one can only describe this latest lyrical outing as a skit that Saturday Night Live would show if Black was the special guest. With a number of references to “Friday,” cereal bowl and all, it’s all but given that she’s making fun of herself, which was arguably the best route to go considering the backlash that “Friday” gave her. If you think that “Saturday” did anything but earn attention, you would be mistaken.

Since “Saturday” was posted, it gained over 12 million views, which should be worthy of note alone. However, the ratio between likes and dislikes is practically even, with the former just edging over the latter. Keep in mind that “Friday” was heavily disliked when it came to the surface back in 2011, meaning that “Saturday” may be looked at as more of an improvement in the eyes of the audience. It’s safe to assume that Black understood why so many people disliked “Friday,” so her next creation had to be something that was more self-deprecating.

It proved to be the best creative decision, as Black earned a number of comments that actually praised the video. While it goes without saying that there were those who lambasted “Saturday,” a good number of YouTubers spoke positively about not only the better lyrics but in how her singing improved. If you were to get the opinion of Long Island marketing experts, “Saturday” seems to be more of a platform that was designed to showcase the improvements on Black’s part while “Friday” was more of a grade school project not unlike a model volcano that failed to spew faux lava.

In fact, earlier this month, Black posted a video that showed her reaction while re-watching “Friday.” While she was visibly embarrassed at points, she wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself. The fact that she was able to do so indicates a greater level of humility than many Internet personalities lack. From a karmic standpoint, perhaps the viral nature of “Saturday” is well-deserved.

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Thank You, Virgin America, for Getting Us (and sorry about the device rule change)

Virgin America Safety

It isn’t often that an airline safety video gets over 2 million YouTube views in two days, but Virgin America isn’t your standard airline. They “get” us in ways that most other airlines just seem to fail at miserably.

The good news – their safetytainment video is a hit, surely making travelers smile before take-off and exposing the company to the social media world as the forward-thinking company that they are. The bad news for them is good news to us. The rules are changing about turning off electronic devices, so that part of the video may be obsolete soon.

No matter. Mission accomplished. They win once again in the uber-competitive airline arena. Here’s their video:

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Recording Blog Posts is a Way to Find a Different Audience


It’s not for everyone. Some people just don’t like to hear their voices played on audio or video. I know. I used to be one of them.

If you can get over that fear and if you want to get your YouTube channel some watches while helping to get your content seen and heard, it’s a quick and easy way to kill a couple of birds with a single stone. The concept is pretty simple. Write a blog post, then read it off while recording a video. Attach the video to the story and now you have an easy way for people to either read your blog post or watch it.

Perhaps more importantly, it takes the art of writing and allows you to get creative in the fastest growing medium. Remember, everything is going mobile. While it can be annoying trying to read a blog post on a smartphone, listening to it on YouTube is often much easier. If you get good at recording the audio from the posts and applying it to either a visual of yourself reading it, a slideshow, a scrolling transcript, or other images that are pertinent to the video itself, you can make for an alternative experience for your content.

Some people are readers. Others are listening. There’s even a few people that like to do both. I tend to listen to a video or podcast playing in the background while reading something else. Here’s an example:

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YouTube Tells You Which Videos You Have Watched

Which Videos You Have Watched

I know some people who happen to love YouTube and swear by watching its curated videos by users rather than television any day and although I cannot say that I am that dedicated, I do enjoy watching videos on YouTube from time to time, especially if it is a series of families or entertaining regular non-celebrity people, but sometimes I lose my spot to where I left off, YouTube has a solution for that problem.

If you like watching videos but often forget which video you watched last and have to sometimes spend time rewatching videos until your memory kicks in it can become a time suck and does not make watching YouTube videos all that fun for those who are not as dedicated of course. It can also be unfriendly to those who like to use the custom YouTube feature and perhaps use the same themed logo or static image, this in itself can cause confusion to your viewers although your efforts are to try and be unique.


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YouTube allows users to customize their dashboard

YouTube allows users to customize their dashboard

YouTube has recently added more changes to help you better understand where you stand amongst your efforts on YouTube. They have redesigned their Dashboard for its users to not only easily gain information regarding their activities but the ability to customize their personal dashboard to look the way users want it.

Enabling personalization is important for any social network to understand that users want the ability to see specific analytics the way they prioritize them as opposed to the way the social network (like YouTube) would, they are not always going to be the same.


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I Love the @EQualman Social Media Revolution Videos but it’s Time to Make them Fresher

Facebook is Huge

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a big fan of Erik Qualman. He has masterfully built a brand from scratch that could be a case study on how to become a world-renowned expert. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I’ve eagerly anticipated the release of his yearly “Social Media Revolution” videos ever since I was blown away by the first one. It’s not an Episode-VII level of anticipation, but I do look forward to them.


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