Have you checked out Scoop.it?

Scoop.it news site

If you like StumbleUpon but don’t have a lot of time keeping up with all the shares and information, you just might want to check out Scoop.it.

Scoop.it is a new curated site gathered by its users and even though there is no true voting happening, you are able to like the content that is shared. They have allowed you to create boards that you can name and tag to fill with relevant images, articles, videos or anything else you see fit.


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The Best in Web Hosting Applications

The World Wide Web is as much a part of everyday life as three meals and sleep. The Internet is taken for granted, and social media sites like Facebook are in many way used like the phone used to be … back when the phone had to be plugged into a wall and maybe even had rotary dialing action.

Relatively few, however, are aware of the architecture behind the presentation. We just log on and surf, and the content washes over us. Those few are the ones building the sites of which the Web is made, and those sites are hosts for all the applications enjoyed by the user public.

What is web hosting?

It’s like this: Operating systems like Windows and Linux provide the connection between computers and the Internet. Business-minded users who want traffic and/or commerce via the Internet, or creative souls who would like to put their art out for public consumption, need to make a site to which traffic can come. Hosting applications provide the framework needed to build and host Web pages, and the process has become easy and very affordable.


People want their sites to be eye-catching, easy to navigate, have a professional appearance, and provide constructive, creative latitude. Accuweb hosting applications are the vehicles for all this. There are loads to choose from, particularly for the Windows OS. Here are the top 5 highest recommended for any web hosting needs.

1. WordPress

ñ The most widely used web template system, WordPress offers interchangeable themes, loads of plugins and widgets, and mobile access programs for WebOS, Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry. Also featuring integrated link management, a clean permalink structure, and the ability to assign multiple categories to articles, WordPress is the go-to application for first-time bloggers and professional multiple blog managers alike.

2. Joomla!

ñ On Windows, Joomla! can be installed using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Joomla is engineered with programming patterns that will minimize “bugs” for the first-time user. All content is kept on the most popular RDM systems. With a host of  aspects that visitors to professional websites have come to expect, it’s no wonder that Joomla is the second most downloaded application of 2012.

3. Gallery

ñ One of the most popular photo album organizer and photo sharing web applications, Gallery allows even beginners to quickly install and get started blending photo management seamlessly into any website, regardless of the size. Some of the many features include thumbnails and full image support, integration with other web-based products, and voting/polling/rating of images. And these are only a fraction of the benefits of incorporating Gallery into the fabric of one’s web-based endeavor.

4. Drupal

ñ Providing options for all different types of content management needs including: images, podcasts, blogs, video, calendars, and forums … Drupal’s extensibility allows for the quick and simple addition of more content types, functionality, and even themes. With the growing popularity of online catalogues and community web portals, applications like Drupal are becoming indispensable.

5. phpBB

For the bulletin board style of website, phpBB is the most popular open-source system on the Internet. Its application installer quickly establishes sites well suited for everything from a small, stand-alone group of friends or family who want to stay in touch, to large multi-category discussion forums on existent websites. With an extensive and user-friendly administration panel, customization with phpBB is a breeze. And with features like user registration settings, password protected forums, and private messaging between users, a new website creator could have his/her own private Facebook-esque web address in nearly the time it takes to establish a Facebook profile.

Internet access has never been greater, and just keeps growing. With apps like these, anyone can have a website of their very own, and so ever grows the destinations available to Internet users.


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Create a Newsfeed based on your Interests



We all much prefer reading anything that is of interest to us as opposed to searching for our interests across the web or on our various social networks. We easily give up and just move on to games or images, yet reading and gaining knowledge is still prevalent and necessary as much as it is hard to stay still long enough.

There is an app that can help you create a customary newsfeed that pulls from your current social networks that will be created based on your social interests.


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Reddit Donate: How Charity can help your Online Marketing


Almost everyone who contributes to the social media game is looking to boost their online presence. While most of us have an incredibly structured SEO strategy or manage several social media accounts, business strategy is always striving to be the best of the best in the “online arena.” What most people forget is that there is a way to be social without sacrificing integrity or relieving their commitment to a strict online presence. I recommend that the online community get back to Earth and contribute to those in need: join a charity.

Reddit, an internet front page of news and community gathering is enormously popular. Users of Reddit can contribute to the public griping of a kid working retail or a movement in politics. While Reddit supplies the internet with news from the ground up, this incredibly resourceful Internet Town Hall has developed a way to give back to the public. Reddit Donate has been launched to aid in online donations, making it easier for those who wish to donate to their favorite fundraiser or charities (under $10 is free and quarter fee for any donation over that).

The power of social media marketing for charity is real. We have seen it recently with the Oatmeal’s current fundraiser to reinstate the Shoreham Tesla Museum. So, how can serving a charity or fundraiser aid in your social media marketing?

By making donations and promoting charities or fundraisers on your social media page, members of the online community would be more inclined to contribute and share to your page. Being social with the online community is the philosophy that social media firms should stand by. Why can’t we be social in real time as well as on the Internet? If more online business promoted charities and contributed to their communities, businesses can take advantage of their contribution to promote their online marketing.

Writing a press release, stating you have got back in touch with the community, a blog to support it and a Facebook campaign to promote your business actions are the necessary ingredients for an effective online presence.

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Digg Traffic Falls out of Top 200 on Alexa, Heading Out of Top 400

Digg Traffic 3 years

Most believed that when Betaworks bought Digg last month and announced plans to revamp the site completely, that they were getting a recognized domain and a good amount of traffic to go with it. Despite Digg’s fall over the last 3 years, it has always hovered on Alexa’s traffic rank between 120 and 190 worldwide. There were times that it would dip below 200 for a brief period but it was never ranked sub-200 on the standard 3 month scale.

Today, it officially has. Poor performance in the first 10 days of the Betaworks era at Digg have them ranked 203 on the Global Rank scale which accounts for the prior 3 months. What’s worse, it’s on pace to plummet much further. If the current trends continue (and there’s indication that Betaworks is making any changes other than tweaks to the current UI on the site) Digg will fall below 400 within the next 3 months. Its 7-day ranking is 466.

Much of this can be attributed to the decision to dump 14+ million pages of indexed content that had accumulated over the years. Others point to the decision to take the social components out of Digg, making submitting content virtually worthless and putting together a news aggregation page that is clearly moderated rather than voted on by the Digg community.

In fact, there really is no true “community” at Digg anymore. All accounts were deleted. All activity that users have performed over the years was removed. There is no longer a remnant of what the social media giant once was. In its current state, it’s a domain that many people still have bookmarked…

…for now.

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The New @Digg Could Be Worse. No it Couldn’t.

New Digg Homepage

I told Kevin Rose that he made a huge mistake with Digg v4 a couple of days after launch. He Tweeted some snide remark about how he’d built such a large site and dismissed the warning.

I told Matt Williams shortly after he took over that he had to get extremely aggressive if his site had any chance of surviving. He and his team stayed conservative to the bitter end.

As progressions go, I had expected to offer some meaningless after-the-fact advice to the new owners of Digg once they launched “V1″. Unfortunately, I have no advice to give. It seems that in 6 weeks of development they managed to obliterate the site beyond repair.

In short, Digg is officially dead.

Had they just completely given up, moved all of the content to a WordPress blog, and tossed some adsense in the sidebar, they would have been better off. Here’s why.

Millions of Pages Crying Out in Terror…

“I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.” ~ Obi-Wan Kenobi

There is only Digg.com now. All of the content, all of those highly ranked pages in Google, all of the accounts with years of records and service to the site – gone. They weren’t even redirected. They’re now just a blank 404 page.

This in itself is arguably the dumbest move in the history of websites. Despite the decline in recent years, Digg still received a good amount of traffic from search. Google ranked the pages well on many topics and it was a trusted source with inbound and outbound links that met perfectly with what Google wanted.

This was the one great asset that Digg still held. It was wiped clean, presumably irreversibly today. Nearly 20 million pages. Lost. Forever.

Users? What Users?

If you had a Digg account, you don’t anymore. Nobody does. You have a Facebook or a Twitter account and that’s all that Digg recognizes.

From New Digg’s perspective, those of you who spent years of your life contributing content, comments, Diggs, and buries – you are worthless trash that has no place on their site. The friends you made – better find them on other networks. Digg isn’t a social network. It isn’t a social media site. It isn’t even really a social news site anymore. “Submitting” is meaningless. If you want to “submit” to Digg, you’d better get your Twitter account ready.

We’ve posted dozens of stories today to Digg without a single one making it into the upcoming section. If you think it’s because of human moderation, think again. We’ve seen stories in different languages make it. We’ve seen Reddit.com make it. Even “Pain Control” made it.

Digg Upcoming

It’s Techmeme with Pictures

The closest approximation we’ve seen so far is that it’s like a mini-Techmeme. You Tweet tips to them. They pick top stories weighed against a makeshift algorithm. They favor mainstream media sites.

We love Techmeme, but we don’t need another one. For general topics, there’s already Google News which seems to be more up-to-date.

No, It’s Not Too Early

Digg Foreign Languages

Those who will cry, “Give them a chance” or “They just got started” probably haven’t seen the complete scope of Digg’s obliteration. They didn’t just come in and “rethink” Digg as they claimed they were going to do. They did everything they could to destroy it. V4 for the last 2 years was bad but it had a few redeeming qualities. Betaworks has come in and removed the last remnant of what made Digg good.

We were hopeful. We expected bad but kept a positive outlook. The blog post about what Digg was going to become seemed to have some good ideas. This is worse than we could have imagined.

So long, old friend.

As a fitting note, the top story in upcoming right now tells the sentiment that many feel right now:

Digg DOA

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Selling Like This May Be The Best Thing (almost) Ever for Digg


The only that would have been better for Digg would have been had it sold at its peak rather than it’s downfall, but there is a distinct potential for a silver lining to the news that Digg was sold for parts bit by bit over the past couple of months, culminating in the sub-million purchase of the domain and remaining assets by Betaworks. If this plays out the way we expect, Digg is poised for a comeback that they were never able to pull off on their own.

There are rare things in this world. Blue diamonds. Black tigers. No-hitters. Fallen social media sites making a comeback.

The last one may be the most rare of them all.

Though the odds are stacked against them, the philosophy of Betaworks seems to fit in nicely with the concept that Digg is seeing the beginning of something good, the dark before the dawn, so to speak. On their website:

“We are makers. Creating companies, scaling germs of ideas, crafting the future of the social web. One good idea at a time.”

If this is true, then Digg being integrated with News.me is a step towards something potentially wonderful. They are turning it back into a startup with a low budget, small team, and fast cycles. To those of us who have been a part of the site for years, this is music to our ears. The biggest problems that Digg has faced over the years has been when it tried to be bigger than itself, when it catered to the wrong audience, and when it tried too hard to be a business rather than a startup. There’s a subtle difference in the mentality; businesses must make money today while startups must build value today.

The value has been proven over and over again in the startup world to be within the community and through the users. Facebook got it (mostly) right up until their IPO. YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn – they all worked towards building strength through their users and through their sense of community.

Digg went the way of MySpace, Yahoo Buzz, and Netscape/Propeller in the decisions they made throughout the last 3 yours. If Betaworks recognizes this and truly does what they say they want to do, then Digg is about to get big once again.

“The News.me team will take Digg back to its essence: the best place to find, read and share the stories the internet is talking about. Right now”

We hope so. We’ll support you if you do.

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