Reddit’s Self-Promotion Conundrum

Reddit Self Promotion

Here’s where we get a little snobbish. Reddit has never been a good place to promote your own interests unless you’re a celebrity. That’s all there is to it.

This stems from a heartfelt plea from James Andrews. He made some incredible points. He deserves to be able to promote his new website, especially considering that it’s promoting indie bands, they get most of the money, and charities get money from the endeavor as well. Others with similar sites have been allowed to self-promote. Why can’t James?

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A Shockingly Great Video that Explains Reddit to the Novice

Reddit Wallpaper

One of the bad parts about being in social media professionally is that I often have to travel to conferences. For this reason, I missed the best novice explanation of Reddit that I’ve ever seen. It’s actually quite brilliant.

The front page of the internet has its strengths and its weaknesses. This video gives a relatively unbiased view, pointing to both sides. With astonishing numbers behind the site and a community that is arguably the most interactive of any community on the web, this video might be enough to make you stare into the abyss to see what stares back at you.

As the narrator describes it at the end, “You’ll wonder how you ever interneted without it.”

I’ve been on Reddit for several years now and I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t used it until now.

To This Day, Digg Still Makes Me a Little Sad

Digg pages

Time heals wounds, right? Unfortunately, the time since Digg was at its peak in mid-2010 until now has not been enough time for me to really let it go. They had something wonderful growing in social media and I was a part of it. The demise of the site still stings today.

I put together a piece that spilled my social media heart out on the table. While I wanted to post it here, this is a venue for positive growth in social media today and tomorrow, so reminiscing about what might (should) have been doesn’t go here. Still, it had to be written, so I put it on Medium. If you want to check it out, here’s a snippet:

There has never been a social media site that acted more like a meritocracy than the old It required true talent at both finding the content and “gaming the system” to become a power user. Only a few hundred people in the world mastered it.

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Reddit for Writing

Business SEO

In a world where content is next to cleanliness (and cleanliness is in fairly close proximity to godliness) it’s fallen on a lot of digital marketers to start writing. For some of us, this hasn’t been much of a chore. We delight in putting our thoughts down on the page and sending them out for (a very, very small portion of) the world to read. Other marketers aren’t such big fans. They either outsource their writing or do it themselves but do a half-assed job of it. If you fall into that category, you gotta clean it up, because when it comes to your business SEO, it should be full-assed or nothing.

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Pinterest Has New Analytics!

Wikimotive Pinterest Analytics Successful marketing requires the ability to track and analyze and deduce, it’s what makes the industry exciting. Businesses are always clamoring for more analytics tools from the services they use, and now Pinterest is delivering an interesting new tool, sure to be a boon for any SEO company smart enough to invest in social media.

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Reddit Looks to Investors for Help and Buzz, not Cash

Reddit Front Page

Reddit doesn’t have a cash problem. They had $20 million in the bank when they were given partial independence by Conde Nast two years ago and unless they’re buying solid gold servers and platinum-plated Macs to run the site, they probably have enough to keep going without a hitch for another decade. When Techcrunch reported rumors that the social news giant was looking for investors against a $400 million valuation, many of us wandered why they would risk losing their status as one of the most community-driven websites on the planet by playing into the hands of profit-driven venture capitalists.

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Subreddit r/funny Breaks 3 Million Subscribers

Reddit Alien

If there’s one thing you can say about the Reddit community, it’s that they have a sharp sense of humor. The king of social news sites hit another milestone this week when the biggest subreddit, r/funny, surpassed the 3 million subscriber mark. The second biggest subreddit, r/pics, is not far off and will hit the same mark in the next couple of weeks.

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There is no Immunity if you Lose the Trust of Your Community

There is no Immunity if you Lose the Trust of Your Community

After the whole Digg incident when its original founders disregarded its users and changed its platform to highlight businesses, one would think that other social networks would learn how to treat its users, especially since it was the downfall of the original Digg (which has since been bought and taken over). The lesson was that no matter how influential you are to businesses, how credible you are for Search Engine Optimization or how many pageviews you can bring from a single popular post, users reign on Social Networks.

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Revisiting @Digg: Despite the Hate, the Quality has Improved Dramatically

Digg Revisited

We’re four and a half months into the new version of Digg. The social news site that was once the darling of technology and business bloggers alike had seen a dramatic downturn in traffic and users over the previous couple of years and there was a lot of excitement about the potential rejuvenation of the site. What came shortly afterwards was a flurry of criticism, a dramatic drop in traffic due to the scrapping of millions of pages that had been indexed in Google, and a loss of individuality – users were no longer really users that engaged with the site. The “social celebrity” status that many such as MrBabyMan and LouieBaur had achieved through years of work were destroyed by the new site “as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

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