Festively flirting through the Holidays with online dating

Festively flirting through the Holidays with online dating

It’s magical to see love build during the Holiday Season as people gather together, some whom are familiar, while others are new and exciting. We don’t have too many places we socialize anymore, excluding online of course and that is why we have turned to online dating and have seen an increase in the passing years.

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Why Tagged and Social Discovery are the Next Big Thing

Tagged Logo Large

There is no shortage of ways to interact with the people we know. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and just about every social media site is geared towards connecting friends and family in different ways. Tagged was heading down the same road until they did a well-publicized pivot that changed their fortunes and is currently changing the direction of social media in general.

Yesterday, they raised a round of funding that wasn’t common in today’s climate. Money invested in Silicon Valley today is normally associated with risks. It usually involves large numbers and a large stake of the company. That wasn’t the case with yesterday’s round; Tagged is a safe bet as a company that is already profitable, they didn’t raise a ton (just enough to get a boost in innovations), and they didn’t give away the farm.

The direction that Tagged is heading is towards social discovery. The concept isn’t a new one but Tagged is combining the components familiar in social networking with the idea of meeting new people around you or across the world. Instead of just seeing pictures of your nephew sliding into third base, you’ll get a window into the lives of people that you haven’t met yet. This is a direction that is unfamiliar to most and a concept that is taking off, thus the round of funding.

As the social site continues to expand, we’ll be watching them closely to see where they’re heading. They lost the social networking war to Facebook long ago, but they’re paving a new road that is both exciting and yet still has a common-sense necessity about it that makes Tagged a formidable player in the industry.

Social Discovery Site Tagged.com has More Engagement than Facebook

Tagged Social Discovery

It’s fitting that a “Social Discovery” site holds people on the page longer than Facebook. In today’s ever-increasingly over-connected virtual world, we are no longer as fascinated with the daily machinations of our friends and family. We have become good at shuffling through pictures of little nephew Timmy sliding into third base with a quick Facebook like or clicking the retweet button when a friend declares their local sushi bar has the best Sake in Long Beach.

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Silicon Valley Perks, Visualized

Massages at Work

Some people love their jobs and for good reason.

In Silicon Valley, high-valued tech employees are offered luxuries that would make many believe they live like rock stars. In many cases, they do, or at least they’re treated like rock stars by their employees such as Google, Tagged.com, and Linkedin.

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Technology, Social Media, and Their Affect on Long-Distance Relationships

Social Media Relationships

Social media often gets blamed for bad things that happen in relationships. We now have the opportunity to find old girlfriends and boyfriends on Facebook, make new relationships on Tagged.com, and see things even have random encounters on, well, sites that we wouldn’t link to from Soshable. There’s another side to the story – social media and advancing technologies can be used to keep relationships going, particularly long-distance ones.

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Social Media Needs Fewer Networks, More Outlets

Networks and Outlets

The social networking doors are closed. The finalists have been announced with Google+ walking into the room and closing the door on everyone on the outside. In the finalists room are a handful of networks that encompass everything that we could possibly need from a networking perspective. It’s time for the industry to focus on building on these networks. It’s time for more outlets.

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