How Social Login Helps You Get Better Customer Insights

Social Logins

Have you ever wondered how a particular brand knows so much about you that they keep sending relevant discount offers, including at times when you need them the most? It is not magic, nor is it luck. These offers are a result of the brand being able to obtain some solid customer insights that have helped it create a timely marketing message that is extremely relevant to your needs.

While there are plenty of traditional data collection techniques, like web analytics and monitoring a particular customer’s purchase behavior, there is another wealth of consumer data that is just waiting to be tapped and this data is sitting on a consumer’s social profile across different networks, like Facebook and Twitter. The question is – how do you get access to this rich social data that is essentially the most credible first party data that you can get ahold of?

The answer lies in social login.

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Facebook Secretly Adds Recommendation Star Rating to its Business Pages


Consumers are quite used to the quick star rating when it comes to sharing our input on how we feel about a business’s customer service. Not only has it been available to us throughout companies feedback boxes for years in-store, it has been provided nearly everywhere online too. Heck, even movies are rated in a 5 star format. However it looks like Facebook has finally caught on; better late than never.

Since this type of rating system is widely known, it only makes sense that it makes its way onto Facebook, although you would never know of the change unless you actually click on the recommendations section on a Facebook Page for a business.  It seems like Facebook secretly rolled it out, and even though a secret roll-out is nothing new for Facebook, adding a new feature that will impact a business will be more than subtle.

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Empire Avenue Goes Beyond Social Influence Measurement into the Realm of Influence Building

Empire Avenue

The world of social media influence has been a growing industry for years. Klout and Kred have emerged as two of the leaders in the segment with Trust Cloud and others making statements about their own growing relevance, but there’s a network (a game, really) that surpasses all of them in usefulness and has carved a unique niche for itself in the social networking universe. If you haven’t been paying attention to Empire Avenue, you probably don’t realize what you’re missing.

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Businesses Need to Act like Everyone has a High Klout Score

Businesses Everyone High Klout Score

The efforts of those who use Social Media and its various platforms certainly love to be able to see how it places them in amongst their peers which the social influence web-based tool, Klout has most certainly provided. Basically ranking us on how active we are on an array of social networks and how interactive our content shared becomes in the reactions and actions received from those that friend or follow us.

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Facebook encourage users to vote

Election Voting in America

Today is a hard day, making a decision that will change the fate of the Country is a huge responsibility and when looking at social newsfeeds neither candidate seems to impress many.

The minority within newsfeed are dead fast in their convictions of who they believe should be president going forward, sharing their views and opinions, some even bashing the other candidate. The debates have clogged up many newsfeeds having a lot of people wanting this election over with so they do not have to read a constant stream of political views or articles.

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Is social media hurting our relationships?

Is social media hurting our relationships

As social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become a natural part of our daily routine, it often filters into our offline lives and conversations, therefore it must have just as much of a negative effect as it does a positive one…right?

We all have our own experiences and outcomes that connecting globally with people have left positive tracks within our lives, and although I don’t like to think about the negatives, I have often heard how social networks have turned us against one another and therefore I was wondering if others have often seen the same.

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Social Media’s Influence on Giving Back [Infographic]

The social media adoption curve is different for everyone, even for those who share the same job title in the communications industry. Some dove right in, others tested it out for a while until they found a niche. One constant though among these users is that they eventually get to a point where they understand the real-world impact and influence that social has.

For me, I realized that power when tracking the response to the Haiti Earthquake in January, 2010 and seeing Twitter completely the way people donated and raised awareness. So fittingly, my introduction into the influence of social was social good. Since then, I have become a major social good advocate and entrepreneur, having founded Tweet Drive – a toy drive that has brought social media communities together to collect over 6,200 toys since December 2010. Over that time I have seen “social good” develop from a concept, to a movement, a trend, and now a widespread responsibility.

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