Some Wins, Some Losses in My Feb 2011 Social Media Predictions

JD Rucker Eyes Only

It’s been over a year since I delivered a keynote at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Napa Valley. We drank a lot of wine and talked a lot of social, but the speech I gave was the first one where I really “put it on the line” and made predictions about the way that social media was heading.

There were some wins. It wasn’t terribly prophetic to announce that Google would be getting hardcore into social media as it had already been mentioned as an important concept for the company by then-incoming CEO Larry Page, but it was before Google+ at the time and I think it made some sense. Other things were losers – Klout wasn’t bought by Google (or hasn’t been yet) as I predicted.

Here’s the long video. Let me know if you think I was a fool. If anything, it’s probably the first (and last) time you’ll ever see someone delivering a speech and taking a call in the middle of it.

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The Facebook IPO Song

Facebook IPO Song

The folks over at American Hipster put together this spoof music video to commemorate last week’s Facebook IPO. Instead of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars singing “Mirror”, they have Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker singing a similar song.

It’s about as over-the-top as spoof videos can get without being offensive, but it’s worth the 4 minutes.

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What the Heck is and What Does it Mean?

At this point you’ve probably heard something about  At first I heard people say that it was going to go up against Facebook and Google+, even though anyone with a cursory knowledge would know that it’s not the case.  I also have colleagues tell me that this shows that Facebook is getting into search engine marketing, but I think that’s not the case either.

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Impact of Technological Skills on New Media Journalists

New Media Journalists

Last April, Facebook launched a ‘Journalists on Facebook’ page, intended to serve as a resource for growing number of reporters using Facebook for the purpose of finding sources, interaction with people and to publish stories. A couple of months later, Twitter introduced a similar initiative as well. ‘Twitter for Newsrooms’ (#TfN), is a guide for reporters on how to best use the microblogging site for the purpose of reporting. The endeavor elicited a mixed response from journalists and media pundits.

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Apple Ping: A Social Media “Genius” Idea

iTunes Ping

Just so we are all on the same page, Apple Ping is a social media platform for music.

Ping is an underestimated platform that really has an incredible amount of possibilities for those who really love music. Not only does it allow for people to share what is in their libraries, but it also allows for people to see updates about a specific artist and even concert updates. It imports their Tweets and you can see what everyone is saying and listening to.

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Social Discovery Site has More Engagement than Facebook

Tagged Social Discovery

It’s fitting that a “Social Discovery” site holds people on the page longer than Facebook. In today’s ever-increasingly over-connected virtual world, we are no longer as fascinated with the daily machinations of our friends and family. We have become good at shuffling through pictures of little nephew Timmy sliding into third base with a quick Facebook like or clicking the retweet button when a friend declares their local sushi bar has the best Sake in Long Beach.

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Will the Social Media Train Ride Derail?


I watched a movie with Bruce Willis called Surrogates. Willis is a detective who uncovers a conspiracy to destroy the nation’s dependency on surrogate androids. The film was based loosely on how society lives their lives around technology and how people depend entirely too much on it. With that said I checked my Facebook status twice, answered an email and texted a funny picture of Darth Vader to my cousin in Arizona from my home in New York; I love my phone.

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Applying the “Hippo Walks Into a Bar” Principle to Social Media Campaigns


As we discuss the ways that social media can be used instead of press releases as a superior method of putting out a brand message, one of the most enjoyable components of the technique is being able to add a flash of creativity and personality to the campaign in ways that press releases simply cannot. It’s the hippo in the room. It’s the fun stuff.

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When I’m Wrong I Say I’m Wrong (re: Pinterest Traffic)

Pinterest Traffic

About 1/3rd of Soshable’s traffic comes from various referrers with Google being the biggest one (that’s not counting Google search traffic). When I checked my monthly totals there was a new player in my top 10: Pinterest. I had completely forgotten about a conversation with a friend at Pinterest who told me that the site will send traffic whether I try to use it or not because of the handful of visualization posts we do here.

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