5 Facebook Contests That Increase Holiday Engagement

Opening Presents

There’s no better time than the holiday season to give back to your fans and add a theme to your Facebook content. Closing out 2013 by using Facebook to show off your brand’s personality, offer holiday discounts to fans, and spread holiday cheer is a great way to engage your fans and get momentum for 2014.

Recent data shows that holiday campaigns on social media are both effective and easy to set up:

  • 63% of Facebook users say they’re likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway
  • Fill-in-the-blank status updates receive 182% more engagement than other kinds of status updates
  • It takes 30 seconds to set up a contest using a fill-in-the-blank status update
  • It takes 10-20 minutes to set up a photo contest on Facebook — and 20-40 minutes to set up a multi-day giveaway

~ Information courtesy of our friends at ShortStack

Here are a few ways you can get started today:

1. Fill-in-the-blank contest: You’ll want to use holiday themes here. But even with just holiday topics, there are countless fill-in-the-blanks you can use.  For example:

  • The first Christmas song that pops in my head is _________.
  • The first thing I do when I get up on Christmas morning is _________.
  • The one word the best describes my family during Christmas is _________.

Status updates reel in the comments — and there are no wrong answers. We recommend using a fill-in-the-blank question for daily giveaways whenever possible.

Pro Tip: Our Status Ideas Engine has seasonal suggestions (many of them being perfect holiday contest templates) and a whole category devoted to Timeline Contests.

2. Photo contests: Use an app like ShortStack to host a photo contest. You can have the winner decided by votes or just pick one randomly. It’s a great way to reward fans, and has the added benefit of providing you with tons of user-generated content for further promotions. Make sure to give the contest a theme:

  • Best awkward family holiday photo
  • Best Christmas decorations
  • Craziest holiday weather photos

3. Giveaway a day: The social media equivalent of Oprah’s famous “favorite things,” this type of contest takes place over multiple days. It requires a new prize each day, but you don’t have to be Ellen and offer Beats by Dre or luxury vacations to see the entries pour in. For example, Perfect Balance Therapies banded together with other businesses in their shopping center to give away a daily prize and every post received tons of comments, likes and shares.

4. Nominate a friend: Everyone has a special person in their life whom they’d love to spoil during the holidays. Help your fans do that by hosting a “nominate a friend” contest. Allow them to submit a short essay or photo of the person to enter. Then let people vote on the entries or just pick a random winner.

5. Unlock a coupon: This isn’t a direct contest so to speak, but using an app that allows fans to enter their emails to unlock a coupon code is still giving them a gift, and it could deliver you ROI. Of course, this only works for companies that sell products.

The deciding factor in many of these contests is how much time you have as a community manager. If there isn’t time for your brand to build an app for holiday contests, don’t worry! Keep it simple and just focus on a Timeline contest.  Your fans will thank you for it.

Are you running any holiday campaigns? Comment below with details!

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5 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Portfolio

IT portfolios aren’t usually the most exciting thing outside of a few experts within the company. It basically outlines how IT is managed within a company, and it’s used as a foundation to keep departments in the loop for larger corporations. As an IT Portfolio Manager, many people get sucked into “filling in the blanks” of old portfolios, but that means missing out on a great opportunity: Social Media. Here’s how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites can make a portfolio better.

1. Get Input

Those in charge of IT Portfolios probably depend on the same handful of colleagues each year to provide input. That’s great, but what’s LinkedIn for if not connecting with colleagues around the world and even getting their help? Compare portfolios (as long as there’s no sensitive information), and be open to input and watch it flourish. Who said Facebook is just for pictures of the company lunch?

2. Get Inspired

There are groups for everything on social media, including IT Portfolio Managers. Join some of these groups and networks, and seek out other portfolios for a little inspiration. If there’s nothing recent, go ahead and start the thread from scratch. People put a lot of work into these portfolios, and it takes little encouragement to get them to show off a bit.

3. Get Surveys

One thing that makes any IT portfolio stronger is cold, hard facts. It’s possible to conduct surveys to include in the portfolio, whether it’s from IT managing pros or the average user. Questions can be asked about CRMs, the chain of command or anything else that can provide necessary information. There’s no greater survey pool that thousands of Twitter followers–all in under 140 characters.

4. Learn New Techniques

Once a person starts perusing other portfolio images on social media, it’s easy to spot trends or tricks that haven’t been seen before. Tunnel vision is a big issue for everyone, but luckily there’s a cure. Along with getting inspired, people can also learn new techniques to try when looking at other’s portfolios.

5. Spread the Love

Just like an annual report, some portfolios are meant to be shared with the public. However, how many people actually go through the trouble of requesting a portfolio? Make it easy, or even break it down into infographics or video versions that are easy to share. Great software and direction simply has to be enjoyed by all.

If a portfolio is meant to be read, put it where people are reading: Their favorite social media sites.

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Why Reachli is Ideal for Businesses Using Pinterest

Reachli is Ideal for Businesses

As with any site, the more exposure received the better it is for your brand, in particular organic exposure. Organic is content seen by people on the site and is numbers or views that are not inflated with fake or irrelevant accounts. Although once upon a time where views came from didn’t matter, today in social media it does, and knowing what tool can help you gain exposure without hurting your brand is a valuable lesson to learn prior to using any tools.


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4 Ways to Get More out of Promoting Your Promotions Online


There is no true secret sauce to gaining exposure online when it comes to your brand’s promotions; you simply need to strategize where you need to place your efforts online. Ideally you would be looking to promote to the masses and aid in getting the word out in a timely fashion.

Finding sites online are easy, however knowing which ones that will actually be effective and use your time efficiently is the hard part. Social Media offers businesses and brands the ability to amplify their current promotions amongst a wide range of people; however, knowing how to use social networks, tools and websites that will help ease your job of promoting your promotions can help you get more buzz than ever before.


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Pinterest Spell Book For Marketing Wizards, Complete Guide To Pinterest

Pinterest MarketingIf you’re active on social media (and you better be), than recently you may have seen people on your social networks talk about Pinterest. The site is growing rapidly, already ranking above long running sites like LinkedIn. Knowing this, of course the next thing you want to know is if it’s a good venue for automotive digital marketing. The answer is a resounding, “YES!” And this ebook will teach you how! Our ebook is broken up into five easy to manage chapters: Chapter 1: Pinterest, what it is and why it’s relevant. In this chapter we give you the basics of how Pinterest operates, including what differentiates it from every other social network. We also cover how Pinterest can play a pivotal role in increasing your traffic, building your links, and expanding your social media reach across all networks. Chapter 2: Create an account, garner a following. In this chapter we walk you through the account setup process at Pinterest. It may sound too basic, but there are a few things you really need to watch out for when creating a Pinterest account for your business. We also give you a few easy steps to follow to start building a community around your pinboards. Chapter 3: Pinterest for marketing In this chapter we get into the meat of the issue: how you can market your business on Pinterest. Like any social network, Pinterest features a broad array of methods to engage with your target audience. The biggest goal on Pinterest shouldn?t be direct sales, but gaining recognition and driving traffic; two things Pinterest excels at! Chapter 4: Good examples In this chapter we give you examples of companies that are really performing well on Pinterest. When it comes to social media, you don’t always have to be a pioneer. There is a real benefit to watching others and seeing what works. The beauty is that you don’t have to implement every aspect of any one company’s strategy. You?re free to pick and choose amongst them all, assembling an amalgam that, in the end, is truly your own. Chapter 5: Wrap-up and resources In this chapter we summarizing everything we’ve talked about and go over the ROI of Pinterest. If you’re interested in becoming a Pinterest pro, follow this link to download your copy of our e-book. Original article about our Pinterest marketing guide posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title The Pinterest Spellbook For Marketing Wizards

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AllTrails Is the Digital Network for Outdoor Enthusiasts

AllTrailsWe all enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially during the summer season. Many of us like to hike, take bike rides, go on walking adventures, or simply take our dogs out for a bit of exercise. Going to the same place every day, to do these kinds of outdoor activities, can make a once fun and enjoyable hobby, mundane and boring. Since social media has taken the world by storm, people have become more dependent on what their peers think and turn to the online world to get feedback on various places.


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What Social Media Can and Cannot do in Case of a Revolution


At a local gathering, a group of people was asked if they blogged, they shook their heads in disagreement. They were then asked if they changed their Facebook statuses or shared videos, articles etc on social media; to this, they enthusiastically agreed in unison. Not many of them knew that using social media – albeit for status updates, moderate sharing of website links and videos – is micro-blogging, which makes them all bloggers. The social media cloud in now so powerful that a teenager in a small town can address a huge audience; but it all comes down to the message one intends to convey.


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