Have you checked out Scoop.it?

Scoop.it news site

If you like StumbleUpon but don’t have a lot of time keeping up with all the shares and information, you just might want to check out Scoop.it.

Scoop.it is a new curated site gathered by its users and even though there is no true voting happening, you are able to like the content that is shared. They have allowed you to create boards that you can name and tag to fill with relevant images, articles, videos or anything else you see fit.


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Abridged Map of the Social Media Universe

There are 50 new social media sites created every day. That’s not a fact based on anything factual, just  a fact based on the concept that the creation of new ones never cease.

To make a map of the social media landscape would be to create something that is likely outdated in a few months (weeks?) but that’s exactly what the folks over at Overdrive Interactive did. This tremendous resource might not be easy to read at first, but once you see the beauty of the organization and visualizations, you may realize it’s an invaluable tool.

Obviously, you’ll want to click on the image to enlarge it.

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Hybrids: The Potential Web 3.0

Web 3.0What is Web 3.0? What would you like it to be? Please express your opinions in the comments below.

Over the past several weeks, I have been privy to many projects in different stages of development. One thing that seems to hold true for many of them is that the developers’ idea of “the next big thing” is a hybrid of sorts.

Some are leaning towards social media mixed with social networking. Most of the social media sites have tried to head in this direction to some extent. All have fallen short. Most notably, the Digg changes a few months ago have turned from an attempt to socialize social media (with shouts and other features) into an unfair way to game the system. The results have been disastrous. (more…)

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