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Mind Your Own Business

Social Media and Why You Can’t MYOB

When I was a kid, my mother was constantly hissing “MYOB” in my ear. I was a curious child, and very much enjoyed eavesdropping on adult conversations, and if my mother told me to go watch the Disney channel, I was sure to be found


Social Media: Are You Following Directions?

In grade school, our teachers drilled into us the importance of following directions. We all did one of two things; listened dutifully or went in the complete opposite direction. All too often, social media account managers are transported back to the grade school days, except


Snapcash: The Latest From Snapchat

Attention spans are dwindling, that’s no secret. Reading a newspaper has fallen by the wayside, in favor of reading simple headlines via an app on our phones or tablets. Magazine articles are getting shorter, Vine is offering a way to film videos that last only


Social Media Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

When digital media is the way of the world, an online reputation is almost as important as a first impression. As we perfect our social media profiles, we do so with the intention of gaining respect and attention. All too often, however, we make avoidable


Social Media: All About ROI

When it comes to business sensibility, we are often required to determine whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze concerning our expenses. If the hot new advertising campaign we’ve kicked off isn’t getting us any further attention, at what point do we pull