The New MySpace Has Gone Public Timberlake Style

New MySpace Justin Timberlake

The newly re-designed MySpace has been in beta for some time now, which only allowed those who requested access, permission to use it. That is until now. MySpace has gone public, Timberlake Style. It is fully open to everyone, allowing users to sign-up using Twitter, Facebook, or an Email sign-in and granting all of us access to start experimenting with its new features.


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Myspace Trying To Make A Comeback!

myspaceFacebook has become so entrenched as the social media leader, it’s difficult to imagine any new threats emerging…but what about old threats? What about long forgotten ancients, stirring from their slumber and rising from the sea to reclaim their throne? In the world of social media this may be happening right now.

What about Myspace?

Well, it turns out sexy isn’t the only thing Justin Timberlake is bringing back.


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The Assassination of MySpace by the Coward Rupert Murdoch

MySpace is dead and I blame Rupert Murdock.

The article can end right there. The point is made and few will argue. Unfortunately, I can’t stop.

After doing some research into the history of MySpace I realized something – it’s totally the fault of News Corp that the once-mighty social networking pioneer is going to be sold for parts in the coming months, maybe even weeks. We won’t go into the changes (or lack thereof) nor will we look at the commitment (or lack thereof) that News Corp put into MySpace. This was a huge squandering of something powerful and potentially beautiful.


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ByeSpace to MySpace: The End of an Era

MySpace has been freeing up some “space” with plans of firing 47% of its staff, this seems like a clear sign of its final stages towards its demise.

MySpace’s current owner NewsCorp, may be looking to sell this sinking social network this coming June, first sign of this is firing 500 of its employees for a reconstruction by entering with local partnerships in the UK, Germany and Australia to manage advertising and content.


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Still think social media is a fad?

So, you’re not sold. You still believe that sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are passing fads that will fall to oblivion by 2010.  While I do believe that some sites will come and go, grow and dissolve, there is zero doubt that social media as a whole will continue to grow to the point that it encompasses most of our daily interactions.

It is ever-becoming a more important part of our lives. This video below puts it all into perspective. Thanks to @murnahan for showing it to me and @equalman for making it. Great stuff.

* * *

Read more on this social media blog.

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Name that Nerd

Everyone knows a nerd or two.  Do you know the top nerds in the world, and by top, I mean the people who took visionary nerdiness, elbow grease, and luck and translated it all into billion dollar companies?  Below, you will find 15 faces (nine singles, 3 doubles).  Most readers will be able to name 3 or 4.  Real techies can name 5-10.  If you can name more, you are a true guru.  All 15?  Well, there’s a special place for you. (more…)

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Stop Clicking Banners and Maybe They’ll Go Away

Is it you?  Are you the one who clicks on the banner ads on social media and social networking sites like Digg, MySpace, Reddit, Facebook, Propeller, and everywhere else (except Mixx, where I haven’t really seen them yet)?  I’ve been looking for whoever it is that still thinks they’re the 9,999th visitor or that they really just won a free Xbox 360.  When I find this person, I have one word.


It’s 2008.  Banner advertisements, as wonderful and beautiful as they were before the turn of the millenium, are now worthless.  Or are they?  They still seem to be on just about every website (this one included, though I don’t know why I bother since nobody clicks on them).  I would think that most people, especially the astute, tech-saavy readers of social media and users of social networks, are immune to them and barely register that they’re even there. (more…)

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Who is Tom and how did he get so many MySpace friends?

Tom at MySpaceWhen I told someone that I wrote for a blog that covers social media, social networks, and social bookmarking, their first question was “What’s all that?”  When I told them what it was and gave them examples, the next question made me laugh.

“Who is Tom and how did he get so many MySpace friends?”

With over  220 million friends, Tom Anderson is everyone’s first MySpace friend.  You can read his MySpace Profile or even the entry about him on Wikipedia.  This story isn’t about him, though. (more…)

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Social Niche: How Ning Makes Social Networking More Personal

NingThere has been a trend that has been percolating behind the scenes.  While Facebook and MySpace cultivate their mass presence by making the world accessible to people and people accessible to the world, Ning is bringing laser-precision focus to social networking, allowing the niche aspect of internet interaction to flourish.

While the social networking powerhouses offer limited platforms for people to form groups and interact with like-minded people, Ning has made it their purpose to offer flexibility in their product.  As the self-proclaimed “Home Depot” of social networking, Ning has a do-it-yourself platform (“you can do it, we can help”) that is simple to use and manipulate.  A person can create an account and start a social network geared around whatever they want in a few minutes. (more…)

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