Lots of Changes over at Mixx

MixxChanges, changes, changes.  Somehow, Mixx is able to make changes 10 times faster than any other major social media site on the Internet.  All of the changes (except one) look to improve the functionality and user experience immensely.

On their blog, they explain these changes in detail.  As with any major change to a website, my natural inclination is to a) test it inside and out, looking for flaws, and, b) try to break it.

Tests went fine.  Haven’t been able to break anything yet. (more…)

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Social Media Sites, The Master List

Social Media Sites

Over at Social News Watch, we’re trying to compile a complete list of social media sites.  There are so many out there — tons of brand new ones and a ton of old ones that might have been forgotten.

Whether for marketing or simple enjoyment, it’s good to have a complete list.  While submitting to thousands of sites might prove to be counter-productive, we plan on breaking down the list into several different versions so that everyone has a chance to find the ones they really like and want to use. (more…)

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Finding the Value in Mixx

With the recent happenings at Digg and the apparent rise of Mixx, it would seem that the balance of power in social media is shifting.  The question is: why do Mixx front page stories still not drive any traffic?

Mixx Votes

With huge gains in all of the traffic reports, it would seem that Mixx would be at the very least close to Reddit’s ability to drive thousands of visitors to a website from the front page.  As recently as last week, we tested a story that hit the front page of Mixx to see if it was finally there in the way that it sends traffic.

It’s not. (more…)

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Leave Digg Alone

This is a guest post by Tamish

DiggThe recent action of Digg against a number of its “top users” is being questioned at the moment.  Recent stories point all the blame on Digg for the action however its a lot more twisted than it seems.

Though a number of Digg users had been fast-digging for a long time, the issue had hit digg just recently. Apparently it seems that there had been a cold war between top users. In order to remove some top users from the stack, some reported them up for different reasons.

After that became a long motion of more anti-digg stories. (more…)

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Mixx vs Propeller: One’s Going Up, the Other, well

Propeller vs MixxRecent changes at both Propeller and Mixx have pushed the inevitable forward.  Mixx, the brainchild of Chris McGill, has been poised for success for about a year now.  Propeller, the once-proud Netscape, was doomed the moment that AOL stepped into the picture.

If recent trends on Alexa (which we all know are not always accurate) give any indication about what is happening, then Mixx is making the move to become the 3rd choice amonst social media sites.  Propeller, on the other hand, is heading down, down, down as users have expressed concerns about a lack of communication from the administrators as well as a disastrous redesign that threatened to push its dwindling core of users off to another site (perhaps even Mixx). (more…)

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12 Signs that You May Be a Social Media Addict

Cute Dog PicThere are many social media addicts in this world.  You see it every day on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon.  Even Propeller, Mixx, and Newsvine have their share.  What you may or may not know is whether or not you are one of them.

It’s often tough to recognize.  Perhaps the joy of seeing your first story on the front page of the site was enough to set you off.  Maybe it’s a desire to promote your point of view, a political candidate, even your own blog or business.  For some, it’s something that passes the time (until too much time has passed).  Read these signs below and seek immediate help if 3 or more apply to you. (more…)

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Being a Good Social Media Friend and Finding Other Good Ones

Social Media FriendsIn the real world, we pick our friends based upon certain traits and conditions.  We want people we can like who have shared interests and who have a certain proximity to us.  The Internet has changed the proximity aspect of friendship, but we still need to be able to interact with our friends in some way to truly be friends.

In social media, “friendship” is more of a way to get votes for your submissions than to interact with others.  There are certainly those who make real friends through social media.  Some of the people I interact with on a daily basis were people I met on social media sites.  Still, the bottom line in social media friendship is “vote for my submissions and I’ll vote for yours.”

There is something skewed about this concept, but we’ll ignore it for this article.  Instead, we’ll accept the fact that most social media friends aren’t really friends and focus on how to be a good one, as well as finding other good ones. (more…)

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Minor Flaw Grants Uber-Karma through Mixx Communities

Mixx CommunitiesPound for pound, punch for punch, Mixx has been a true innovator in social media as it approaches it’s first full year of popularity in the segment.  Their recent launch of Mixx Communities is no exception — a true step in the right direction that most other social media sites have either ignored or just haven’t considered.

Below is the bulk of the coverage so far regarding the launch of the new feature, but something minor that was overlooked that had a negative effect on the launch was a miscalculation in the Karma aspect of the communities.  It seems to have been fixed now, but for the first couple of days, someone could accumulate thousands of Karma points by simply creating Mixx Communities and importing stories. (more…)

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Impeachment Coverage – Who got it fastest?

Social News SitesWhen the news wires started buzzing, burning, and smoking about Dennis Kucinich introducing 35 letters of impeachment against President George W. Bush, we started watching the three top social media sites to see who would get the news the quickest to their front page.

As of the time of this post, it was broken 3 hours, 33 minutes ago.  We started watching the front pages of Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Newsvine, and Mixx just over 3 hours ago.  Here are the results: (more…)

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