5 Things That Slow Down Your Website

Creating and maintaining a website can often be a lot of work. Creating content and fixing problems as they pop up requires quite a bit of attention. One of the most common problems with websites of all kinds is the speed.

Having a slow website is common, and isn’t a huge problem if it only happens a few times. But when a website is consistently slow it will start to lose traffic, and then all of the work that was put into creating that site is wasted. Visitors aren’t going to sit around and wait for a single slow webpage to load when there are tons of similar websites they can go to instead. Knowing the causes of a slow site and how to fix them will help site owners bring in more traffic and create a better experience for their readers.

What Makes a Site Slow Down

  • Images: Having tons of images on a website isn’t just distracting, it can greatly increase load time. Site owners should remember that less is more– a few images and banners can do a lot to improve the look of a website, but going too far can do more harm than help.
  • Too Many Plugins: Sites like WordPress are great when it comes to website plugins; there are tons to choose from and they’re easy to add on. But having too many, just like having too many images, can slow down a site. Deleting plugins that hardly get used can often improve a website’s performance.
  • Increase in Traffic: Online stores know to expect more traffic around the holidays, especially on days like Cyber Monday. There are various times of the year (and even times of the week or the day) when websites are likely to get more visitors, and knowing that can help a site owner prepare.
  • Bad Hosting: As a website starts to bring in more visitors and more traffic, it’s likely that the site will experience slower load times and more crashes. When the hosting service and server the website is on isn’t able to handle the amount of traffic a website receives, it’s probably time to upgrade those services.

So how can a site owner go about improving the hosting they use? Anyone who notices reoccurring lags on their website should look into upgrading to a host like asp.net mvc web hosting. Also, websites that include an online store or handle money in some way should look at switching to a private server if they aren’t on one already, simply to better protect themselves and their customers.

  • Bad Coding: Sometimes the glitches in a website are the result of poorly written coding. Cleaning up the code can often fix whatever the problem may be, even a slow loading web page.

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