On Social Media, They Don’t Have to Follow You to be Listening


Some people have a misunderstanding about what is seen and heard through social media. It’s happening on two major fronts: personal communications and business communications. Both are completely separate, but the fact that the same basic premise popped up from both angles made picking out this blog topic a no-brainer.

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Why My Next Phone Will Be Windows 8, Sight Unseen

Windows Phone 8

I’m what you might call an Apple Hipster. I was using the Macintosh and Apple IIe before they were cool. The various companies that I’ve worked for over the last decade and a half converted me to be a PC guy, but definitely not by choice. That’s why it was a surprise to those who know me when I bought a G1, the first official Android phone, back in 2008.

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Shall We Play a Game?

Gamification is one of those big words constantly being thrown around in the social media space. It’s also a trend, like many other trends in social media, which companies are trying to use as the proverbial silver bullet to gain traffic and conversions. While gamification is by no means a quick fix to all problems social, once you understand the science behind it, you see why it works. [Read more…]

The Latest #questionsthatneedanswering: Is Google+ For Real or is the Buzz Dying

Google Plus For Real

A couple of days ago we asked the community to give their thoughts about Google+ and whether or not it is a valid social network or if the buzz is in the process of dying. Nobody can deny the meteoric rise as it gained in 3 weeks what Facebook took 3 years to get in terms of users, but is the hype going away? Will Google+ succeed?

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