Who’s Who in the Alley and the Valley [Interactive Infographic]

For decades, Silicon Valley has been synonymous with innovation. It is difficult to dispute this claim given that it’s the home to technology and Internet giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. While it hasn’t lost its staying power, other hotspots for entrepreneurship and technology have emerged over the past ten years, in particular, New York’s “Silicon Alley”.

Although cities like Chicago, Austin, and even our own Research Triangle have produced a number of web-based businesses in recent years, New York’s startup scene is growing exponentially. The amount of capital and seed funding continues to rise as well as the success of local companies like foursquare, Gilt Groupe, and Tumblr. The city’s ecosystem also has the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently appointed Rachel Sterne as the city’s Chief Digital Officer along with Steve Rosenbaum, the city’s first Entrepreneur at Large.

There’s no shortage of debates in the blogosphere as to whether one coast has the advantage over the other. Regardless of what side you’re on, many would agree that there’s no better time to be an entrepreneur. Organizations and incubators like the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), Startup America, Y-Combinator and Tech Stars are providing an unprecedented level of resources and support. In a recent TIME article, the YEC’s Scott Gerber even posited 2012 as “The Year of the Entrepreneur”.

Interested in seeing the growth that has been present on both coasts over the last 5 years? Interact with the graphic below to explore some noteworthy companies in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, quotes from stakeholders, as well as the rise in Seed Funding from 2009-2011.


Silicon Valley & Alley - MBA@UNC
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Social Media Marketing for Startups

Social Media for Startups

Buzz has always been an important element when trying to launch a startup. The rise of social media from 2005-2008 became a great way for people to get their budding businesses attention. Then, something happened. Social media became TOO big in 2009 and the noise levels started drowning out the potential benefits of the buzz that was getting generated.

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Silicon Valley Perks, Visualized

Massages at Work

Some people love their jobs and for good reason.

In Silicon Valley, high-valued tech employees are offered luxuries that would make many believe they live like rock stars. In many cases, they do, or at least they’re treated like rock stars by their employees such as Google, Tagged.com, and Linkedin.

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Why is Yammer Such an Excellent Communication Tool for Businesses of Any Size?

Yammer Social

By now, most businesses realize the tremendous marketing potential that lies within social media. We are often pointed in the direction of popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but the social realm has so much more to offer us marketers. While there are numerous options out there, many of which do the same thing more or less,

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Spotlight Social Media Superstars: @HybridMom

Hybrid Mom Social Media

The days of the “male dominated world” in western society are all but over. Women are getting better jobs, enjoying more privileges, and changing the world around us all more than they’ve ever done before. It’s no surprise that they are dominating social media and expressing more than men.

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6 Questions About Newborn Tech Companies


In reality, running a tech company isn’t that hard. It takes guts, hard work, and a strong vision, but keeping a successful tech company growing is relatively easy compared to other challenges that life throws at us.

Starting a tech company, however, is nearly impossible. Once you get there, the rest is pretty easy. Getting there is the tough part.

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Warren Buffett: Don’t Believe the Pre-IPO Social Media Hype

Warren Buffett

Few billionaires have displayed the forward-thinking and sound ideology that Warren Buffett has demonstrated over the last 4 decades. He knows money, knows investments, and has an eye for companies’ successes and potentials. With so much hype being thrown at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and GroupOn ahead of possible IPOs, he warns investors that values may be inflated.

“Most of them will be overpriced,” Buffett said Friday in New Delhi. ”It’s extremely difficult to value social- networking-site companies. Some will be huge winners, which will make up for the rest.”

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Stop Annoying Your Followers – Try Buffer

Soshable Guest

Without doubt, Twitter has become the most powerful tool to market your content online. The highly targeted traffic of savvy users you get from Twitter and the engagement and feedback from your followers in return for your Tweets make it invaluable for you and your brand. However, one of the drawbacks for me is to get my tweeting to a consistency, without annoying my followers with too many back to back tweets.

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