4 Tools That Simplify Life For E-Commerce Startups

Keep it Simple

Startups are exciting, bewildering and hugely risky things to be a part of. There’s the constant worry of the whole thing imploding under the weight of your multi-pronged business ideas. There’s the fear of being chewed up and spit out by larger competitors with deeper pockets. There’s also the need to attract the fickle online customer and retain their loyalties for as long as you possibly can.

In this race against time and resources, every smart e-commerce startup could do with some tools that make their lives just a tad bit easier. Here are my top four picks. [Read more…]

There is no Immunity if you Lose the Trust of Your Community

There is no Immunity if you Lose the Trust of Your Community

After the whole Digg incident when its original founders disregarded its users and changed its platform to highlight businesses, one would think that other social networks would learn how to treat its users, especially since it was the downfall of the original Digg (which has since been bought and taken over). The lesson was that no matter how influential you are to businesses, how credible you are for Search Engine Optimization or how many pageviews you can bring from a single popular post, users reign on Social Networks.

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What do you think of Instagram now?

What do you think of Instagram now

Yesterday Instagram wrote an article to their users on their blog regarding the frenzy that happened earlier this week due to their announcement of changes that are to occur to Intagram’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy come early January.

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Businesses Need to Act like Everyone has a High Klout Score

Businesses Everyone High Klout Score

The efforts of those who use Social Media and its various platforms certainly love to be able to see how it places them in amongst their peers which the social influence web-based tool, Klout has most certainly provided. Basically ranking us on how active we are on an array of social networks and how interactive our content shared becomes in the reactions and actions received from those that friend or follow us.

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What Social Media Tools Should We Review?

Viral Heat Google Plus

Every few months (it’s actually been over a year since the last one) we like to review the various social media tools out there. The rate at which social media is growing makes it extremely challenging to manage for a business without the right tools. The rate at which social media tools are progressing makes knowing which tools work best an ongoing effort. The rate at which new social media tools keep popping up…

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4 Helpful Services to Make Your Startup Stand Out

4 Helpful Services to Make Your Startup Stand Out

Startups are popping up everywhere and increasing competition faster than Michael Phelps’ swimming. This may be due to the helpful tools and services that are available online that can angle your business in the direction you desire. But knowing which tools and services will best serve you can be a hard task to conquer and since startups need as much help to remain focused and organized, the following list of services will help you get off the ground running and provide innovative tools that will have your startup stand out.

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – If you are looking to reduce cost and improve cash flow (what startup isn’t?) then AWS is a great service for you to invest in, simply due to its application system which allows you to virtually run everything in the Cloud. So you can eliminate the need for costly hardware or the administrative labor that is needed, AWS cuts down on time and on the money you will have to spend.

2. DailyCred – This helpful service will provide your startup with essentials to gaining access to your potential customers. Through their secure account system, you will be able to simply add a logo, your domain and DailyCred will provide you with the ability to have email verification, password resets, session cookies, and all the UI you need for sign in through the OAuth connection. You can also use DailyCred as a CRM tool without ever having to know coding, it will allow you to reset passwords, monitor events, delete or create accounts and view your website as your users which can be handled by any team member. This is an essential for every startup.

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If Pinterest and Instagram had a Love Child: Pinstagram!


I admit it. I suck at Instagram. It isn’t that I don’t absolutely love the service. It’s that I’m a web-interface guy. Call me old school. Tell me my fingers are fat. Regardless of the reason, I’ve never been crazy about apps that can only be used through my mobile device.

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Meeting New People Using Grub With Us

Sick of being alone and lonely? Want to get rid of your crappy friends and finally find new ones? Making new friends has never been easier with the help of social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have been considered as great ways to meet up with some cool new people through the usage of the Internet. Even relationships have been created all because of using the Internet and actually interacting effectively. However, despite those social media sites being very popular to connect with your closest friends and family, there has never been a social networking site that was meant to help meet new people.

What Is Grub With Us?

This social networking site is just like most sites that connect you to other users with the intent of meeting new people, chatting with them, and then finally meeting up with them in person. You can chat with people all over your area to meet some nice people and even make new life long relationships. If you are new to your city, then check out the people in the area to see who is willing to meet up.

Grub With Us enables you to see which cool people live next to you, along with what restaurants are worth eating in. This is definitely a great way to learn more about the best places to eat if you happen to be brand new in town. Grub With Us is pretty straightforward when it comes down to finding people, especially when you think about the easiness of going throughout the site once you are officially signed up. You can use your Facebook account to sign up which makes it very convenient.

Can You Really Make Friends From Grub With Us?

Most definitely, yes. However, it is very important to remember that you shouldn’t meet up with just anybody. You want to see the full profile of the person and to see the way that they write in their profile before you start thinking about meeting them. Always double think before you decide to finally GRUB with them at a cool restaurant or diner in the area. Your safety is another important thing to remember since people can easily lie to you and do something that can put you in great harm. Again, while it is very easy to grub with others, you should still take some precautions before you decide to eat out with others. Eat out with more than 10 people if possible on the first day of meeting your new friends to see who is worth talking to again in the future.

Grub With Us is the ultimate place to find some new friends. While it does take time to find that perfect set of people to meet, it is a great website worth joining.