Post Planner Eliminates Facebook Posting Woes with New Trending Content Feature

Post Planner

We almost never post press releases, but as an avid fan and frequent user of Post Planner, it’s an exception. For the record, I love the service. It can be a little buggy sometimes, but it’s a Facebook app rather than a standalone web service so bugs can be expected. What Facebook app is bug free?

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Hiplogiq’s Engagement Engine Drives Clients’ Social Success with Real-Time Leads


Big or small, all businesses face the same day-to-day marketing and lead generation question: “How do I find new customers who are actively looking for the products and services I sell?” The answer is clear, but the solution seems just out of reach. Millions of times a day, potential customers jump on Twitter looking for a product or service. They are waiting for a business to find them and offer an incentive to get them in the door, but more than h alf of these tweets are ignored.

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