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How Sneaky People Control the Internet

Trolls. Anyone who has been active online long enough, particularly through social media or website comments that make them express their opinions online, have probably been trolled. The question that we all should ask (if we even really care) is whether or not the trolls

New Soshable

The Newer New Soshable

Back in May, I announced that I was diversifying Soshable. Something was brewing in me and something being lost at the same time. I believed that I needed to diversify in order to regain my passion. In the course of doing so, I realized that

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart and the Right to Decline, NOT Discriminate

I can’t remember the last time I publicly agreed with a celebrity. It’s never been something that I do; celebrities generally know less about important topics than scholars or journalists whose opinion I respect. Often times, they know less about them, particularly when it comes

Ted Cruz GOP Nominee

Why Everyone’s Wrong About the Growing Republican Field

If you’re a Democrat, you’re probably thinking that there are so many Republicans running for President that it will be hard to decide who to attack. If you’re a Republican, you’re probably groaning every time a new candidate is announced because it means more confusion

Diverse Content

Forgive Me for Diversifying Soshable Content

Hello friends, fans, contributors, enemies, unknown folks, and alpacas. After seven awesome years of focusing on social media pretty much solely, we’ve decided to expand the scope, posting frequency, and style of this site to include “important” news. While we’ll still be posting plenty about

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Building Up a Blog with Social Promotion

There are two major components to a good blog. Sure, there are plenty of other components such as design, site speed, consistency, purpose, niche relations… actually, there are so many that I could write a full-length article just listing the different components, let alone going