Social Media Marketing in the Film Industry Proven to Be Beneficial


When you think about the most successful social media campaigns, you probably think of big companies like Coke, Pepsi, or Old Spice to name a few. Yet, we never seem to think about the film industry. However, it seems like major movies such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Paranormal Activity are the pros here when it comes to successful social media marketing campaigns.

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4 Ways to Get More out of Promoting Your Promotions Online


There is no true secret sauce to gaining exposure online when it comes to your brand’s promotions; you simply need to strategize where you need to place your efforts online. Ideally you would be looking to promote to the masses and aid in getting the word out in a timely fashion.

Finding sites online are easy, however knowing which ones that will actually be effective and use your time efficiently is the hard part. Social Media offers businesses and brands the ability to amplify their current promotions amongst a wide range of people; however, knowing how to use social networks, tools and websites that will help ease your job of promoting your promotions can help you get more buzz than ever before.

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AllTrails Is the Digital Network for Outdoor Enthusiasts

AllTrailsWe all enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially during the summer season. Many of us like to hike, take bike rides, go on walking adventures, or simply take our dogs out for a bit of exercise. Going to the same place every day, to do these kinds of outdoor activities, can make a once fun and enjoyable hobby, mundane and boring. Since social media has taken the world by storm, people have become more dependent on what their peers think and turn to the online world to get feedback on various places.

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Five Guys vs In-N-Out Burger… on Twitter – @innoutburger @five_guys

In N Out

It’s the sort of debate that can tear apart a nation. On one side, you have the In N Out loyalists who hold “Animal Style” to a higher level than even the Discovery Channel. On the other side, you have the Five Guys Faithful who sneer at the sloppy and embrace the sanity of convention.

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Transforming the Fashion Industry with Social Media


We all know it’s nearly impossible to avoid the cosmic powers that social media holds and even though that may be the case, many industries just don’t mesh well with the world of social media. One cooperate field, however, that has found the marketing and advertising transition into social media to be quite simple, is the fashion industry.

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5 Ways Accountants Can Get Started by Using Social Media

Social Media Accountants

While accountants have always played a foundational role in business, more recently the professional profile of the accountant has risen as the finance, insurance, and banking sectors have come under greater scrutiny thanks to some well-publicized financial chicanery in recent years. Internal audits and accurate accounting are now prime vehicles for companies to showcase their fiscal integrity. Managerial accountants in the private sector are more frequently than ever called upon to provide guidance and vision with regard to fiscal matters, and to help determine the direction that will be taken by a company’s CFO.

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Inbound Marketing for All Size Businesses: Earning Customers Without Spending a Dime


The thing about marketing nowadays is that there are more options for small business owners who are looking for more customers to take a look at their products and services. There have been numerous theories and schools of thought dedicated to various methods of online marketing, all of which are quite effective in their own way. One of them is inbound marketing, and this one has its own set of advantages. [Read more…]