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Thomas Sowell on Socialism

Thomas Sowell on Socialism

There’s a strange sincerity in the way that Thomas Sowell speaks in ways that make him seem extremely intelligent while downplaying the concept of intellectual superiority in the process. He truly is one of the great thinkers of our time in any circles, not just

Barack Obama Iran Deal

Iran is Proving the Nuclear Deal is a Complete Joke

When history looks back on this period of time, it will point to the United Nations’ nuclear deal with Iran as a defining moment that propelled the world into tragedy. US President Barack Obama is playing the role of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Ted Cruz Biggest Lies

Ted Cruz on One of the Biggest Lies in Politics

If people were to look at what the Bush administration did with big business, it’s clear that he supported the concept. Unfortunately for progressives, changing to President Obama didn’t change this practice. In fact, his preference towards big government has helped big business as much

Russian Cruz Missile

Putin, Like Obama, Underestimates ISIS

If anyone doubted Vladimir Putin when he said that his only goal in Syria was to crush the opposition to Assad, the latest military strikes should clear that up. Russia’s intention would be questionable if we thought it was there to do anything else other

Ted Cruz Whatever it Takes

The One Reason Why We’re Endorsing Ted Cruz for President

In the whole scheme of things, candidates will get powerful endorsements from big-name pundits, politicians, and publications. We’re not one of those powerful publications at all with monthly traffic in the tens of thousands. That’s the point. That’s where Ted Cruz needs to get endorsements – from the nameless,