Career Development Tips with Social Media


Social media is a double edged sword: while you can leverage it to enhance your credibility and build your brand, you need to remember to create and maintain a professional image at all times. It is very easy to stray off the path. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you stay right on track:

  • What the public sees should not be too different from the real you. Authenticity is always appreciated by consumers. Do the posting and writing yourself, while maintaining a professional attitude.
  • Post stuff that is relevant to your product, otherwise your customers may lose interest gradually.
  • Keep interacting with your audience: write blogs, respond to their queries, and comment on related posts by your customers, and so on.
  • If you are good at writing, submit articles on topics related to your niche to online libraries and Ezines. Remember to submit fresh and original stuff. You can make use of tools like FindEzines to check out which Ezines you can submit your articles to. As the sites are organized by category, your task is not a difficult one.
  • Sites like Peer Power, Monster and LinkedIn are especially aimed at job seeking and career networking. Sign up and put some thought into creating your profile. LinkedIn has a paid version which offers more services, so if you are very serious about meeting the right people to land your dream job, then you should subscribe to it. Upload your resume and be very clear about your skills and what kind of career you are interested in. prospective employers do go through these sites and you have a chance at getting noticed if your resume is well written and creative.
  • When you join career networking sites you may be able to catch up with long lost colleagues and get in touch with them. This could be mutually beneficial; you could exchange latest news and keep up with important developments taking place in your field.
  • Link your various social networking sites to each other so that from one way or the other, prospective employers and clients will be able to find you. But here you need to be very careful. A serious looking lady in a business suit on LinkedIn may clash badly with the wild party girl image on your Facebook account!

Just as you want people to help you meet the right people and land the perfect job, there may be others in need of your help. Paying it forward will definitely reap rich rewards for you. For example, you could praise articles written by others, recommend certain restaurants and so on. Your consumers will benefit from the information and those who benefit will be grateful and help you out when they can.

You could also join communities, forums and groups like ‘job searching group’ or ‘home based work group’ or some such thing. You can discuss matters and help one another out with regards to available job positions or recommending the right person for a job and so on.

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  1. An excellent post!

    I’d push “Paying It Forward” to the top of the list. In my role helping jobseekers to use social media to secure a new job, the recurring issue I come across is that candidates only invest in building their social media network + relationships at the point at which they urgently need help (ie. to find a job). This leaves them looking desperate and asking for help from people whose trust and respect they have yet to earn.

    Focus today on paying it forward and then when you find yourself needing to call on a network to assist in your next job search, you’ll have one ready and willing to jump in and help you!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope this will help a lot of readers..

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