Can of Social Media

Under normal circumstance, I do not like the types of social media strategies that try to can them into basic processes with time limits. Sure, it’s good to have guidelines, but I find that they’re normally too limiting to allow people to make the right decisions. This infographic is somewhat like that, but it’s design is just too cool in its simplicity to ignore it altogether.

The concepts are actually pretty strong, but unfortunately they’re not realistic in many ways. Spending 15 minutes on content curation and 15 minutes on blog writing, for example, are both potentially unrealistic for all but those who have their processes down (and have the ability to type really, really quickly). It also seems to be giving too much time to everything else other than Facebook which requires much more than 10 minutes a day for it to be effective.

Those disagreements aside, the aesthetic of the infographic is still quite awesome. In a world of complex infographics, having something this simple is refreshing. Is it possible to get social media done in an hour a day? Yes. Is it easy? Yes. Does it take practice and strong strategies? Absolutely.

Social Media Hour Infographic

Infographic via Dendrite Park.

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  1. 15 minutes to write a blog post? Man, it must only be a paragraph long. It definitely takes me at least an hour to write a quality post, and then I have to edit it the next day. To publish quality content takes an hour or two.

  2. I’m with Michael on that point, what type of content can be created in 15min? With Google putting more emphasis on quality over quantity their would be no way I could tell a client, friend or myself that quality should only be a 15min task.