Busy Weekend for Zuckerberg as he gets Married After IPO

Zuckerberg Priscilla Chan

Who plans a wedding the day after taking their $100 billion company public? The same guy who wears hoodies in board meetings.

Thankfully, he wore a suit and tie to his wedding.

28-year old Mark Zuckerberg married long-time sweetheart Priscilla Chan, 27, on Saturday at a small ceremony in his Palo Alto home’s backyard. The couple, who met at a frat party in 2003 (a year before he launched TheFacebook), wed in front of less than 100 guests.

They weren’t told it was a wedding as the man who is so much in the public eye shies away from exposure of his private life. The guests were told that they were celebrating his “girlfriend’s” graduation.

The ruby wedding ring was reportedly designed by Zuckerberg himself.

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    *fewer than 100 guests. Grammar people!

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