Google Dublin

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you worked in a place that rivaled some of the top tech firms in the world? Imagine, an office where you have the finest technology, the most fun games and outrageously comfortable furnishings, all at your disposal whenever you want to use them.

Lucky for you, this is possible; and not just at your business, but even at your home office. Here are some things you can add to your home office that will make it a fun and productive environment.


In today’s day and age, if you don’t have a grasp on technology, you’re going to be in trouble. There are too many apps, programs and products available that are conducive to the betterment of your job. Therefore, whether you work for yourself or for someone else, chances are that you need to have awesome technology in your home to be on top of your game.

For the ultimate home office, outfit your pad with a great desktop computer and, of course, a functional computer desk. Desktop computers are better than laptops for home offices because they have more power and larger workspace on their monitors. Plus, if you also get a tablet (yes, you should get a tablet!), you can still have the mobile accessibility that a laptop provides, while keeping the power of a desktop.

Another great tool to have in your home office is a huge HD TV. Imagine working form your oversized oak desk, filling out financial reports for your business, and being able to look directly at a TV that has business information or sports highlights in crisp detail. I mean really, what more needs to be said?

The final technological tool you can use for your home office is software to sync all of these items together. From your tablet, to your computer, to your TV, you can keep everything you are working on from your home office in sync with one another. This is perfect as you hop between devices and all of your work is still available.


What fun is all work and no play? No fun at all! Keep this in mind when you are outfitting your home office. Great workplaces like Google are more than just technology powerhouses, they are fun environments that their employees enjoy working at and rarely want to leave. When making your home office, add some games like a pool table or table soccer, or even hook up a game console to your television.

And if you really want to round out your home office, add a piece of workout equipment so you can get in a run in between conference calls. Now obviously you don’t want to overcrowd your home office, but the more fun you add to it, the more you’ll want to be there.


Not only do you want to have a home office that is technologically sound and incredibly fun, but you always want to make sure it’s comfortable. To attain this, you need to have comfortable furnishings that you can sit, lie down, or rest on. Whether it’s a massive chair behind your desk that symbolizes your status, a lazy boy recliner that lets you watch your television in style, or a beanbag chair that is comfortable and makes you feel like a kid again, all of these options are perfect for a fun home office.



Just because you have to work from home doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. But instead of having your typical boring atmosphere where you cant wait to get out of, make a home office that is truly fun and enjoyable. A place where you would spend time, even if you weren’t working. This will make it more enjoyable when beating deadlines and tracking stats, all while enjoying the awesomeness of your home office.

Written by Drew Hendricks