Branding Tips: Know Why to Understand How


Companies often struggle with the question of how to get followers, friends, fans, and any of the other branding indicators that social media offers. Everyone dreams of having the kind of following that Threadless or Starbucks have, but few are asking the right question.

We often get asked, “How do we get more fans/followers?” Our response is always the same:

“Why should people like or follow you?”

To know how to answer the question for your business, it’s important to look at why other brands are getting followed. This infographic by our friends at GetSatisfaction answers the question nicely for us. Considering that over 50% of people only follow 2-5 brands at a time, you had better figure out a way to stand out.

Branding on Social Media

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  1. good article

    thank you

  2. The infographic was a little dull for me. The information it presents is rather well known already. What would appeal far more is to have the research about what attracts the most engaged fans; those who answered “always” to the questions about how engagement with brands affects them. I’d rather know what attracts them specifically.